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  1. 1.5jz cressida, parted out.cry me a river.

    Like these on page 34?
  2. how do i delete my profile?

    Anyone want to delete my build thread. http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=515192
  3. vicdrift matsuri entry... what the F?

    Not hard to build a website that works.
  4. UAS 409 dark commo

    Note to self..... See hot girl in car.... Vicroads check...... HELLO LADY
  5. PHD designed aero and still 3 sec off the leader No no well done to you guys. better luck next year hope you get the number 1 position
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ct64jUlmhyQ&list=HL1342138953&feature=mh_lolz Some old footage i took back in 2005. i have more from drift nats and street footage on dvd somewhere but to lazy to find them. in a pile of unlabelled dvds
  7. Your car - what's happening?

    Ordered custom front LCA from the states. and custom rear bearing for rear knuckle DOWNSIDE to a rarer car that no one does up parts are a long process
  8. I shell be there just for a quick look say hi to a couple people. In the Astra
  9. When ever i leave my car somewhere i put my super doper someone else driving my car tune on it. EG 4000rpm limiter everything turned off pretty much you can only put the car around to move it in and out of shop. only person who can have full access is the tuner.. On that note i did have a person call once working on my car and ask for the code so they could remove the limiter........ i said what for. "to show there mates" was the answer. car has never been back to place since
  10. Fuel cell location

    My boot is sealed off already... JZX81 FTW SEDAN FTW Cool this could work out well then other then trying to fill it will need to work out space to above diff and axles
  11. Fuel cell location

    Where is your fuel cell? Got given a fuel cell for my car so thought i may as well use it. and remove the old tank now my question is where to locate it? As low as possible? higher up? over axles as much as i can or as far back as i can? Tried to research and well all the old school guys just chuck it in the boot and make it pretty. other guys have it setup over back axles as such in boot. and some people had it in cabin (magic rx7) and so on just thought i would ask before i start chopping and mounting
  12. Best Turbo Wagon

    This count? Subaru not turbo but supercharged would love one of these
  13. Anyone know what the bolt size is of a 350Z for the rear knuckle http://www.splparts.com/chassis-Z33.html#SPLRKBZ33 Found out one of these bushes are the same OD and 2MM longer then X8 item just wondering what bolt size is now as it could fit