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  1. Price : $5,000 Condition : Used Hi Guys i am wrecking my s15 due to incident! All parts available except for front windows,front bar,right fender,battery,intercooler,and maybe fuse box. s15 silvia jdm (90,xxxks) Engine sr20det engine with loom ,wiring,ecu,intake plenum ,splitfire coils etc stock t28 turbo jdm,injectors,afm with pod an intake,upgraded radiator Exhast system stock exhast manifold two piece 3inch from turbo to mid pipe to race CAT and muffler (loud) Driveline -six speed gearbox good condition-had it rebuilt a while ago-with shifter -exedy HD clutch 25,000 ks -stock tailshaft,drivesahft,axles/rebuilt diff etc Interior-good conition Ex bride seat and rails,passenger seat and rear seats, -Dash,speed,Digital AC,stereo and gear surround ,gear boot Brakes fairly new DBA front rotors and ebc green pads stock s15 brakes calipers,pump,lines etcc -5 stud hubs Exterioir uras Rear bar nd side skirts Left front drivers light,side indicators, s15 rear cradle,fuel tank,cap and lid two complete s15 doors left and right- Boot lid with silvia badge- Electronics used old type ebc greedy used greedy profec 2 ebc Brand new greedy profec 2 ebc -Clarion head unit -splits and speakers Suspension and handling Set of 4 bc br coilovers 30,000ks old -all modified front Left susepnsion area good -Rightstuffed rear suspension arms etc good To much to list so i wont go on for long...Can be Negotiable I prefer to be called on my mobile 0449 195 586 and will pick up call regardless but must show phone id.
  2. NSW Cop rage

    Yeah i used to have mesh on mine too.
  3. Hey have you got the rear bottom Boot lock ! Pm me if u have?
  4. S15 Power Window Motor

    I got a driversider power window regulator if u need one.But located in NSW?Can ship if willing to pay for it? Just inbox me?
  5. Facebook V8 over Japs.

    MMM can somebody please elaborate/justify and show a detailed spec sheet of all the cars that where competing during the bathurst racing era fromn 1988-1995.And to also bring up relevant facts to why the 32GTR was such a dominator lol.Not kidding some people said they cheated but how?If so who cares lol! My quick guess is that they had such a overly develop engineered car for that time+attessa 4wd handling,japanese tech+ experience driver = win
  6. hey people i have purchased a s15 cooling pro 40mm alloy radiator from Justjap. The fitment is nice and good .Ithink my mechanic told me he just had to redrill holes on the top support mount. Now after testing the radiator ,he notices thats there is a leak coming from the bottom of the radiator cap.I thought the rad could work with my stock cap .Im still using the stock oem nissan cap ,but is this why there is that leak due to using the stock one?I've did a search on other forums about those radiators and it appears that there was a slight design flaw just where the cap screws onto the top rad it only seems to be on the early models from 2004-2006ish. I might have been sold a dud/or earlier version (not happy) Yes i have 1yr warranty BUT not to keen on traveling back to kirrawee to get a replacement So can i fix it by just getting a diffferent cap and if so which one.Or should i try and bang it with a hammer to make it fit? PS And yes i have already got those new front adjustable LCA without knowing if anybody has used them sigh NS
  7. Car Accident ,No insurance

    Hey so know im after a drivers front control arm for my s15! Would this product work fine?ideas http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/GSP-ADJUSTABLE-FRONT-LOWER-CAMBER-CONTROL-ARM-Z32-S13-S14-S15-SILVIA-RED-/400267664587?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item5d31cfdccb
  8. Car Accident ,No insurance

    Good point !Darn i knew it all along ,that any other kit i put on the front wont be as smooth an even looking on the car! But i actually want to mix it up abit.I really do like the vertex front bar its just got enough flare an sleekness to it. Trust me for people who have got the uras kit ,especially front bar an skirts its more prone an easily to crack an damage!
  9. Car Accident ,No insurance

    HIt an Run derr! nah! Yeah thats a typical worst cast scenario! actually it could get worst ,paying for damage on private an public roads or property!
  10. Car Accident ,No insurance

    Oh good !Just anything good to make me feel better! seriously
  11. Okay i got into a car accident a while ago.Car spun out an hit some trees.Luckily nobody else got involved or hurt including me! This year i decide to not get Full Comp Insurance(Big mistake)owned the car for about four years now.Felt abit confident that i would have no dramas etc! So know my car is a a body shop an im getting work done on it privately(Say good buy to holidays an Christmas gifts n shit etc) Okay now the damage as far as I've been told an can see: Front bar was a genuine monkey magic uras,now i can pic a new front!Too much flare its ridiculous! Driver side door wreck Driver side front fender wreck.Was considering going custom fiberglass http://sydney.gumtree.com.au/c-Cars-Vehicles-Motorbikes-Parts-parts-accessories-auto-body-parts-NISSAN-S15-CUSTOM-FIBREGLASS-FRONT-GUARDS-W0QQAdIdZ286039188 or should i just get oem\ Side skirt uras as well( but i have a spare) Possible bent control arm or strut.This is worst part! Now the repair bill just for labour an paint not including parts is roughly estimated at $2500 which is not bad i think also along with some damage on the rear quarter an just lots of scratches! Trust me guys im devastated. I have spent at least a good 15 grand on servicing,tuning,performance parts, maintenance,diff, clutch etc.Was thinking just sell it as it is and upgrade to an r34 gtr YEAH RIGHT! All i want for Christmas now is for my car to be back on the road an handle as it was! Maybe Wishfull thinking ..What do you guys think?
  12. Things that bug you about your CAR

    Things that i hate about my car from the most anoying to least. Crunchy shifting an the thought of breaking down due to g box.Even though i drive pretty reasonable an sensible with the odd occasion of thrashing it Get the wrong attention by the popo (Defect)sometimes just random people including guys an girls. Repaired an painted front bar a couple of times due to pot holes,incline driveways,shitty roads an because my bar is a uras its a big mouth haha(DEVOSTATED BUT STUFF FIXING THAT AGAIN) The unknown risk of car being damage,hit,stolen,scratch and people even looking at it the wrong way haha Suspension quite stiff an squeaks ,but nice an reasonable for the roads .But still piss of about our roads.Cant have one without the other damn! Trying to keep my car clean n tidy its a shocker cause i live on a farm with long arse dirt driveway. 5000km or 3 months service intervals an maintencance is abit anoying. Spending too much money an time on my car And the knowledge an acceptance that the value would still not rise ,maybe rather fall All this really gring my gears
  13. Oil Viscosity /Go up a rating

    Okay that was really informative an helpful! Thanks mate will up the oil rating to10w40 an see how she runs! Should be fine, I'm just a picky Carnt .Not use to changing or trying new things on my car! Also changing my gearbox oil from castrol Vmx 80 to fulltrans 75w80 what are your thoughts guys! Hey I didn't mine vmx80 but this is full synthetic so should freshen up the box abit I hope! Anyway do a full service 2 morro. Anything else I should check ova?
  14. Hi Guys ive been away from home for about 3 months. So therefore told my old man if he could to try a maintain my car by just giving it the occasaionalwarm up start an drive once a in while.My car has had an oil service not long before I left, with my choice of Nulon 5w-40. Also got a Nistune,ebc set up,custom intake pipe an CIA Big thanks too Powertune couldn't be happier! Now the question is should I go up a viscosity from 5w40 to 10w40 Nulon.What are your thoughts from changing viscosity to something thicker like 10w40.I know I get a little more engine protection when giving it abit . And is ideal for using it during colder conditions . I don't mind going up a notch in oil grade but I'm just curious to know how will My car/engine behave? Any thoughts? Ideas an reccomendations would be appreciated ! Also addition mods an figures are; s15 with 87000 ks , jap spec,fmic,cat+zorst,stock t28, pod,an spitfire coilpack ignition amp! Another question is do I have to get a retune if I upgrade to a bigger fuel pump? Considering one of those Walbro pumps!