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  1. Tomei arms M8270 Turbo kit S14/S15

    How do you think it would perform with an internally standard SR20, n E85. Would need cams atleast I would imagine?
  2. Tomei arms M8270 Turbo kit S14/S15

    Pictures of kit please?
  3. Hey lads, Just a quick thread to see if anyone has any information on the (possible) remaining calendar events for the Motokhana series? Hanging to have some fun in the 200sx
  4. About to re-register my car after a long cold winter of sitting under covers.. Where do you recommend going, or does anyone have any insider hook ups they want to share with me? lol Its a S15, so I'll need a slimmer one because I have cooler piping in the way. Cheers, Weez!
  5. Hey NS.com dudes, I am chasing a HID kit to suit my S15, who actually makes a decent kit for a reasonable price. Seeing all these kits for sale on ebay going for $40-$50, hard to know if they're actually quality. Link me to some kits, no problems with ebay gear, just so long as someone can substantiate to me they're decent. Cheers, Weez
  6. Uhhh... picture was taken with iPhone 6, and I darkened the photo to make the headlights stand out. Anyway, I am happy with the result.
  7. Ended up playing Russian Roulette, purchased a kit of eBay - Sun Wolf - 55W 6000K H1 kit. Fantastic little kit, $25 posted to my door, and works a treat. W/ some t10 parkers to match I am pretty happy with the outcome.
  8. Calm down. Thank you r assisting with your opinion.
  9. Might just try Russian roulette and buy any old kit of eBay and see how I crack on.
  10. Hey dudes, My f**king SR20 has VCT rattle, so whats new. Found this guy; http://www.taarks.com/product_p/nis-vct-s15.htm But hes fresh out, with no ETA on back order. Where else can I get these? Refuse to pay what Nissan is asking. Also, can people confirm for me what exactly it is that I need to do the repair as in > http://www.taarks.com/product_p/nis-vct-s15.htm http://www.taarks.com/product_p/nis-vctsol-sr.htm Help a brother out. Wayne.
  11. I should have elaborated a little more, I don't mind spending $100 - $150 for a kit either - More what I meant do these eBay kits shape up. Or who makes a reliable decent kit.
  12. As the title suggests guys, member on the foum is selling a sear rail suit S chassis and he knows it suits Brix, however I have a Stradia seat (recliner) does anyone know if they'll suit? I tried search but gave me a billion results Cheers NS kents
  13. Spring cruise

    Could be a goer, haven't had the opportunity t drive my car for months.
  14. Genuine JDM performance parts for sale

    So much porn. I want those those mirrors Does the VCT cam pully include a good condition VCT?
  15. As per title, pretty standard. Hit me up with what you have. 0433 830 055
  16. Chris my friend, I have already hit Jesse up, and he said that the prices are stupidly inflated from Nissan Japan, compared to Nissan Australia. I'll hit those yankies up for a price:)
  17. Midnight purple 180sx Type X

    Urrghhh, this thing is f**king sick. I'd consider off loading my 15 for it. haha
  18. Thanks, looks like Kudos are on back order too :\ for f**k sake Nissan.
  19. Nissan A-Pillar Cover Vinyl Sticker Moulding

    lol that would have sucked dick hard seeing that arrive
  20. Donate your 2871R, and 2way to me, and we'll cut a deal when you buy my car in a couple months
  21. **FOR SALE** Car: Nissan Silvia Spec S (AUSTRAIAN DELIVERED) Year: 2001 Transmission: 6spd Manual Odometer: 138,000k Drivetrain/Engine: SR20 Black top FMIC (polished piping) Trust POD Splitfire coilpacks Nistune ECU (tuned 191rwkw @14.5psi) By Anthony Cece, Jaustech. Greddy profec electronic boost controller 3" stainless exhaust, turbo back to twin straight pipes (sounds amazing) Suspension/Wheels BC coilovers - No knocks, great condition. 18 x 9.5 +20 genuine Volk Racing TE37 - Bronze wrapped in 225/35/18 rubber, very decent all round. Cosmetics Full VERTEX kit Genuine Yashio Factory LED Tail lights 3 months old Genuine Yashio Factory gear boot/knob 3 months old Pioneer DVD unit, with pioneer speakers in doors & rear shelf (suit standard holes, nothing chopped or cut) Respayed bodykit & Bonnet completed last week. The car being pretty low, the kit wasn't perfect for my standards as far as paint and slight crack in the fiberglass in the side skirts. Car is looking mint now. Genuine car, very responsive. I get around 500km to a full tank on the current tune. This car has all high quality parts, no crap fake brands Selling due to taking on a new business venture and I simply do not have room for the car at home, nor do I have the time to drive It. If you want anymore photos or questions regarding the car please call. 0433 830 055. Regards, Weez.
  22. At this stage I am thinking I'll just hold onto it. Cop that 2871R off you, E85, cams, 2way and enjoy it with a streetable 230rwkw