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  1. RB26DETT QSRS14

  2. Canberra projects

    Wow haven't posted up on here for a while! So here's a little update on mine @ WTAC 2013
  3. Local PARTS for sale

    For Sale: Brand new Kenwood DDX4031 Double Din Headunit Price: $350 RRP: $549 Specs/Features: http://au.kenwood.com/Car_Entertainment/Visual_n_Navigation_Systems/DDX4031 Contact: Michael @ 0423 303 742
  4. Anyone doing Paint

    do you just want a sandback respray? what colour? and also did you want inside boot, engine bay, doors etc. pm me
  5. Heading into the week leading up to the Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge 2011 @ Eastern Creek, here's a sneak pic of what to see at the event! Mazworx's newly painted 200SX drag car painted by Contagious Colour and paint finished by Steve Gosbee and I. Enjoy:)
  6. but you pay an extra 4 grand cause all they do is Bmw's ferrari's and high class cars, and the guys who own the cars can afford it Of course, going through private is always expensive wherever you go. Depending if the car Anita is doing is going through Insurance and whether or not it is custom If it's insurance then yeah Tony for sure.. I only recommend Tony Farrugia because I work there... haha!
  7. If you are very particular with your car, and the car is not custom eg; factory bodywork.. etc, then Tony Farrugia Bodyworks is the number one smash repairer in the ACT. The panel beaters at Farrugia are known to be nothing but quality, and are known to be able to fix anything whether it be a small dent or split car.. They also use Glasurit paints a very top brand in the automotive refinishing industry.. These guys are top
  8. Canberra projects

    Yeah i know.. nothing special. Just ordered the bodykit for it from the States
  9. Vertex Lang

    Yeah, close to $4,000 shipped and handled without duties and tax.
  10. Vertex Lang

    Where to get one? Genuine or non-genuine, doesnt bother me. For a Vertex Lang Kouki. I have contacted Vertex with no reply just yet, I might have to get one imported from Japan? Any help?
  11. DSLR Video Capture

    7D, 5D or 5D MARK II. A great videographer, his name is Michael Y Wong. He creates outstanding videos. Check them out.
  12. WSTD. Digital Productions

    Hey guys. I'm a newbie so please help me by giving my hints and pointers to steer me in the right direction. I got into photography not knowing I would ever pick it up as a hobby. Now i enjoy it and practically have a fiddle with the camera at least once a day. The main themes I am focusing around is the Automotive/Motorsport area as Im heavily involved around cars all the time and want to produce quality photos to the style and quality I like. This is my official thread and will be posting all my work on here so please feel feel free to comment on how i can improve. I read tutorials nearly everyday and i improve with every one i read. Much appreciated. Michael My friend, Rhys's Bagged Hilux My friend, Steven's IS250 LAMBORGHINI GALLARDO @ CANBERRA HIGH SCHOOL FORMAL Radford College Formal Arrivals; 2010 MORE COMING AS THEY UNFOLD!!
  13. super cheap auto

    autobarn do it too
  14. nooo. predicted forecast says it going to rain. ):
  15. yeah cheers. already talked to adrian @ ultimate tunes anyway. but forgot to ask.. any entry fees whether its for competitiors, stands or general public?