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  1. Multi function dash

    Was looking into new gauges and I have decided I want to go the way of an electronic monitor. There is a couple I have looked ad, was wondering what others there is that are worth a look. Also any info or experiences on the ones below or the types suggested would be great. Greddy infometer Blitz r-vit Ark design-mfd Thanks
  2. R33 thermo install

    So the factory radiator has given up so while replacing it I will be installing thermos. I have a switch that will replace the factory sensor at the bottom of the radiator. Just wondering what the original switch is? Is it an overtemp for a dash light? Do I need it? Thanks

    Saw a bright blue VW beetle in pirie this week..[bERT13] unsure if the 13 is exactly correct on the plates....driver was some gaylord with gelled back hair and his race face on...
  4. All Japan Day 2011

    how long do acceptance emails usually take? cant wait for the day!!
  5. Weird defect crap

    Basically i want to know what weird and strange things you have seen or heard of police doing with a defect. I got this idea when I was working at an old mans house today who got a regency for rust in his boot...not unusual at all, what was unusual was the placement of the defect notice. He swears he never altered this, just drove home and cant afford the repairs(well into his 80's) so it stayed in the car park. that ^^ defect sticker is quite clearly on the rear door window...what the hell??
  6. rb25 plenum

    hi, have done some searching and have seen some cars with a forward facing plenum but just the top half. anyone know anyone that makes these to fit the standard rb25 runners?
  7. Aero CF S15

    thatd be the shit i was meant to get gtc's on my 33, but unfortunately the price tag was effin ridiculous!
  8. The latest 47UNE machine

    Come along one considering how it started, but i'm also not sure on the stickers! Be good to see what happens!
  9. Aero CF S15

    hmmmm one other thing needed.....space those real wheels out or buy bigger
  10. 92 slutvia

    I like the instant gentlemen kit. the one on speedhunters is insane!
  11. My S15 =)

    very nice man, love the way them wheels are fittin. silver is always clean!
  12. 450+ sr20det

    woman get out of me engine bay nice work though!
  13. My 180SX - No longer mine!

    The vs-xx's will look killa, glad you got rid of them tail lights to. you seem to have alot of bad luck, eggs, purple shit, filters, foodland car park. good to see ya stickin with it though!
  14. DANDY NIGHTS S13.5 2nd coming 320rwkw

    looks tuff man, not sold on the colour...but hey i dont have to be!
  15. RB26DETT QSRS14

    keen to see how this turns out, 17 with a full spray and a 26 you delivering goods for the cubans? but very very nice effort!
  16. Aero CF S15

    love it, always liked these in black, but now not so much...the white is extremely clean, nice choice!
  17. DELETE

    got the shits with it last night, went out and started it took it for a drive up the street, its really slow and sluggish and gets to 2500rpm, then comes onto boost and wants to take off...its one issue after another. Because the injectors are larger now, im puttin it down to the map not being right and the car getting way to much fuel! But at least its moving!
  18. DELETE

    yeah i was fairly positive it wouldnt make a difference. I got the car started, reversed out of shed and drove up the alley way and into the street to park it at the front of my house.. it is now going into limp home mode and wont rev past 2000rpm. want could cause this? possibly they did not allow for the z32 ecu in the remap?
  19. DELETE

    its all good, the car is running now, had a slight issue with injector loom, all soldered up n sorted!
  20. DELETE

    yeah mate the guys that done this were supposed to have loaded a safe map to allow for the afm and larger injectors, but im starting to think they havent done this, as nothing else has run smoothly with these mods. i dont think the solenoid works at all with the rb20 ecu? thanks for the link ill jump on there now!
  21. DELETE

    series 1 has the same setup, with external igniter!
  22. Just Got home to find mind waiting, PERFECT size, all warm now! Heaps happy with it!