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  1. MMA chat

    What a fight between Jones and Guss. I thought the only person that would take it to bones was guss and he certainly did that. I wasn't upset at the decision it could of gone either way and really I think you have to beat the champ convincingly to take the belt, bring on the rematch.
  2. MMA chat

    Got to love everyone saying fight was rigged. The guy got caught doing something he's done in most of his fights, someone finally landed one on him hopefully there's a rematch.
  3. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

  4. MMA chat

  5. MMA chat

    I heard about Silva wanting to go down to 170 awhile ago but nothing recently, also dont know if there was something wrong with GSP before Diaz fight as there is some controversy to what the canadian athletic commision said to Diaz camp shortly before weigh-ins stating there would be no decimal places on weight eg allowing them to weigh 170.9 which is not the same as american rules. I also noticed GSP looked gaunt and really thin like he struggled with weight cut for that fight and seemed to gass out in the 3rd round which he never does normally, anybody know anything about that?
  6. MMA chat

    I see douchebag Diaz did a no show at today's open workout's, man I hate this guy if he doesnt realise that its a major advantage to not show up for his required media spots his even stupider than he already seems, he's me against the world attitude is pathetic yet he wonders why other fighter's earn more money and are on covers of magazines and have more sponsors, what sponsor in there right mind would give him money to endorse there product if he spends most his time out of the public eye and hates doing media. GOD I HOPE HE LOSES
  7. MMA chat

    Is it really Greg Jackson I dont think GSP has done a lot of work with him since coming back from knee surgery he trains in canada now I personally think it has more to do with the Matt Serra fight although Im sure Jackson did put a bit of the "play it safe mentallity" into him. The Serra fight definately changed his agressive fighting style he first had before that. I think GSP looks at his opponent's way to scientifically these days even looking into there physical attributes (too clinical) to be finishing fight's and lacks the killer mentality because of this. The take it 5 rounds and not sustain much damage didn't really work in the Condit fight his head looked like a sherrin at the end of that fight, so lets hope he's more aggresive in this fight which i think he will be due to Diaz's constant jabbing style that wears you down rather than KOing you.
  8. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

    Best rant ever
  9. MMA chat

    I agree with everything you have said apart from I think Hendricks may land that big left of his and get the KO. I also hope GSP lays a beating into Diaz, I also hate how they say Diaz's boxing is the best and he could have a boxing career thats just an insult to boxer's watch Floyd M, Manny Pac, Roy Jones jr, Tyson(i could go on) highlight reels nobody is remotely close to these guys in the UFC. In other news James Te Huna is fighting Glover T at UFC 160 and Mark Hunt will be fighting JDS aswell.
  10. MMA chat

    You never know what to believe with Dana he said Hunt refused to fight JDS then he tweets just got of phone with Hunt had a great talk, so who knows what's gonna happen.
  11. MMA chat

    Mmajunkie is the only one i go to
  12. Drift at AIR is back

    Its was on racing on's fb page that that there is drifting happening there, but it has nothing to do with him not sure who's running it?
  13. MMA chat

    Any body watch the fights today last two fights were great with the first round of the Silva v Stann being one of the best ive seen. Surely Mark Hunt should get a top 5 fighter next with the longest win streak in the HW division and Gomi got robbed judgeing seems to be a big problem in the UFC.
  14. I Need More TV !

    If any of you like Ricky Gervais shows check out Derek, Filmed in similar mockumentary style like the office it is set in an old people's home and follows a number of characters one of which is played by Karl Pilkington. So far there has only been 5 eps but i have found them all to be great.