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  1. Advise on s14 used for drag racing

    Qthanks everyone for your advise. My 60ft is around the 2.1 - 2.2 sec. Definetly losing in the launch then
  2. Hi all, My fiancé unfortunately passed away three months ago and I have decided to use his car for drag racing as this was his passion. I'm very much a novice when it comes to setting up a car for drag racing. I took the car out to the drags last weekend and ran a 13.4 1/4 mile at 116mph. The car is making 236rwkw so I'm thinking the time is fairly slow considering the power. I ran semi slicks on the rear but still had traction issues. The car has coil overs front and rear. 550 injectors Garret gt3071r turbo I'm finding I'm struggling with the launch. The clutch is either on or off so can't feed it out slowly. If i have revs at 3500rpm I find it bogs down a little and don't get the power out quick enough but if I have it any higher I just wheel spin. I also wheel spin changing gears until I get to third gear. Any advise, suggestions would be great. I would love to make it a 11 second car.
  3. Sharkey's S14 Zenki Drifter

    Reckon this is Hannah's old s14.... Its had quite a few owners now

    Spotted a track looking s1 s14 travelling down tapleys hill road Friday afternoon. Light blue no front bar just a big cooler hangin out and it was on trade plates.
  5. SA RIDES: Your Ride - Post up a pic

    So it was red but now with the new respray and now all polished up here is the new look of the 14.5. Because photos dont do it justice this is the look of it when it was in the respray process... Its 2012 BMW M3 Alpine White III with a blue pearl through it, thoughts...
  6. Split system installs

    What kind of details does it involve?? I have a done a few installs for a couple guys on here aswell as do it every day for a living

    Spotted a nice white 32 with flurouscent yellow wheels yesterday down at yankalilla/myponga way yesterday around lunch time on my way back from cape jervis for work. Look real nice with those wheels. Also not long after in the same sort of area spotted a real clean dark blue 32 four door, never been down that way before but the roads are awesome!! Maybe not in the work van though

    Spotted Black 34 GTR "REPRZNT" (I think) on grove way this arvo lookin nice and tough!! Then a little bit further up the way nice clean grey 32, gave them a wave. Then as I was at the lights of the grove way and atlantis drive seen a pretty insane sounding metallic aqua blue 32 with I think white wheels from memory. Sounded pretty good dude!! All around 4:30ish this arvo
  9. graphics/signage...best places in SA?

    Would have to also highly recommend Jesse from GC aswell, really takes his time at doing it right and has is also a really good graphic design artist aswell!! Check out some of his other work on the companies FB page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/GC-Now-In-Colour/198397940197204

    Spotted a nice white s13, massive stance through little hampton saturday round lunch time, also spotted a blue 34 gtr comin through chain of ponds as I was turning off tippett road not long after... Both were looking real nice!!

    Spotted kbatz chaser today going across main north road from elder smith drive today, was sitting at the lights in the 200 looked nice and clean today given the rain
  12. GU Patrol Towing Issues

    Thankyou very much for that info, really helps me out now in regards to looking for a GU now
  13. GU Patrol Towing Issues

    So when people have been saying I could easily get a 100 series or a 4.2TD Patrol for around 14-15 are these the manual versions or automatic. Because that is one of my requirements is to be manual just personal preference thats all. Since I have been looking into it this, these are the 2 cars which have caught my eye but without researching into greatly I thought they may be outta my $$ range, so if people think they have seen them going for around my price range then im happy to wait if it means getting what I want. I have considered it but I wouldnt mind something a bit newer and the new shape if I can afford it, if I was to get a GQ I would want to spend no more then 9-10k on it.
  14. GU Patrol Towing Issues

    My price range is hoping anything up to bout 14-15k Like I said the engine thing is just something I have heard from someone but its good to check. I am keen for a patrol as I have always had Nissans and wouldnt mind sticking with them, but I am open to any other suggestions if someone thinks there is something better out there suited to me. It will barely be driven as I have a work van but it will be driven on weekends so wont rack up the k's and used to tow up to 2.5 tonne maybe once a month sometimes twice
  15. GU Patrol Towing Issues

    Hey all, So Im looking around atm about buying a 4WD and have always liked the GU's, due to my price range I am probably looking at the petrol version. Basically this car will need to be able to tow up until 2-2.5T behind it.. Now I know they can easily pull the weight thats not the issue, but basically I have heard from people that the GU (1997-2001 model) have severe problems with the motor blowing up if put under load. I am new into the 4WD field so want to find out everything before I go buy something and want to ensure it will last Any help is muchly appreciated Al