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  1. S14 Carbon bits.

    Cant edit this for some reason, Bonnet and carbon lips fitted to car look like this... Site wont let me attach other pics, unsure why
  2. S14 Carbon bits.

    S14 bits, sold my car so no longer needed, S14 S2 Carbon Bonnet, Couple minor marks as per pics, $550 S14 Origin Carbon boot lip, has marks from E85 splash (looks like rain drops in pics) 2 cracks from some clown leaning on the car $100 S14 Origin Roof Lip, Has small split on top edge, hard to see, $100 S14 ADM No holes boot, S2 garnish, $150 S14 rear windscreen, darkest legal tint in perfect condition $50 Pics items on of car for reference Located in Cleveland, Brisbane,
  3. S15 and S14 parts for sale

    PM sent
  4. RB25 S14 Daily

    There can be massive differences, dyno's are not accurate, they are just a tuning tool, a different dyno might show 340, another might show 400, anyway, done a mint job, was good to catch up, looks bloody tidy in the flesh, well done mate
  5. My Sileighty aka Noah

    That's an odd looking wrinkle paint...
  6. RB25 S14 Daily

    Yes it does!! couple of RB14's will be mint!! Looks mint, I like the rear guard work, set's it off well,
  7. RB25 S14 Daily

    Needs more pics of car with new wheels
  8. Another RB25 S14 build

    Yeah cool, sounds like a plan, I'll know in a couple of days if I'm going out So this has turned up from Julian @ Aftermarket Industries, Seriously can't say enough good things about these guys, if you need any advise on fuel system's, this guy will help you out, This is my new surge tank going in, It's the new style 2.6 ltr tank from AI, Dead set work of art, I'm doing a small system upgrade as I am now going to E85 in the next month or 2, I'm also going to upgrade my intake pump from the Walbro 255 to the Walbro 460 E85 pump, and run the twin Holley Dominator pump, this should easily support anything I'm going to throw at it, This is the Holley pump I'm getting and what it will look like, can't wait for this shit!!!!

    Jesus Christ!! thats f cking fantastic!
  10. Another RB25 S14 build

    HA!! You're funny.... lol
  11. Another RB25 S14 build

    So this just happened, I'd thought I'd throw this in here for now, I'll start a thread for it as soon as I do some thing with it, obvious part is, 180SX with an RB20 I bought off a mate, will be a track only drift pig, should save the life of my 14 a little bit lol
  12. Another RB25 S14 build

    Well I ended up going with a replacement manual box, The cost of changing to auto was up there and well out of budget, I bought a reco box off a mate, Lots of swearing and bleeding but it's now in, getting the box out was an absolute c#@t!!!! We had to drop the K frame a little, back off the engine mounts, jack the front of the motor up, twist it all as much as we could then lever it out, seriously... 3 f#@king hours!! I then "massaged" the fire wall with a small hammer...and a f%$king sledge! New box went in mint, 20 mins and drove it off the hoist.... On the plus side, it drives sooo good, even has synchro's!! which is a first since it was built lol I'll keep this box and put a O.S Giken or PPG kit through it eventually....
  13. S15 Varietta SpecRB25DET ;)

    Wow, that look f%$king fantastic!!!
  14. RB25 S14 Daily

    So need to catch up for a cruise mate, Mine will be all sorted in a couple weeks