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  1. whats your fav sport

    whats your favourite sport?? plz i wana know
  2. favourite genre of music

    hey guys what kind of music u guys like to listen in ur car
  3. think these are ok on a s15
  4. do these rims suit an s15?

    yeah i did
  5. LOL..

    http://www.powerbot.org/vb/showthread.php?435901-Rate-my-GF.-Don-t-be-jealous-faggots. i lol'd when i first saw this
  6. whats your fav sport

    had no room to put it up u dip sht
  7. favourite genre of music

  8. whats your fav sport

  9. favourite genre of music

  10. whats your fav sport

  11. just wanted to know what kind of rims look good on a s15 and the size
  12. akon sexy back goes offf

    woops i mean sexy bitch my badd
  13. favourite genre of music

  14. whats your favourite gadget?

    whats your ultimate favourite gadget of all time
  15. whats your favourite gadget?

    internet on a wrist watch would be better
  16. whats your favourite gadget?

    lmao soz haha
  17. favourite genre of music

    yeh same
  18. wen i log in i cant reply to threads or start new topic's for some reason
  19. mj joke

    Q: whats the difference between michael jackson and michael jorden? A: 1 played for the miners and the other played with miners soz if this joke fails
  20. best bass songs for cars

    lil wayne - yea develop