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  1. I could be wrong but I think n15 pulsar sss wheel is the same and easier to get
  2. Sr20 sumps

    Nah tomei got the design right, don't go hfm tho. Also, throw the bolts in the bin and get studs and you won't strip the thread in your alloy upper sump.
  3. tips for moving afm into cooler pipe

    You can get a pipe to move the pod filter down into the bumper, I don't like the idea of having it so close to the ground on rainy days but you could put the AFM in a pipe like that and it would tidy your engine bay up
  4. Swap s14a front to s15

    Looks good. I'd leave it.
  5. Swap s14a front to s15

    Photo would be good
  6. Thermostat not opening

    Snip the centre out of the thermostat, will create the restriction and flow you want without spending any money
  7. S15 Brake Booster Options

    Have you been to a wreckers maybe r31 or pulsar or bluebird might work?
  8. Bushing kit

    Energy bushing from USA was pretty cheap for a complete kit, they do black or red poly. The black is carbon impregnated to reduce squeaks.
  9. S14 E85 fuel system recommendations

    Ah didn't know that.. S13 only then
  10. S14 E85 fuel system recommendations

    I had my fuel tank lined with red kote to avoid tank corrosion. E85 pulls moisture from the air and you can run into problems. Cost $300.
  11. Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/121983838690 Or just buy this Have a nice day
  12. Can't you just put a JDM ecu in to avoid the NATS and the cost at Nissan?
  13. 180sx sr20 radiators

    Yeah true. What some people dont seem to understand is reputable and very good brands/companies can accidentally sell faulty products/services. What sets the best sellers apart from the rest is the way they deal with the inevitable problems... For $1000 bucks you could buy three or four 52mm radiators off eBay, put one in your car and have a few spare radiators to pinch caps from as required.
  14. 180sx sr20 radiators

    I put my old boss onto ASI, he was (probably still is) building a cobra. They will custom make a rad for you.. He was happy with the price and I've been pretty happy with my ASI too.
  15. 180sx sr20 radiators

    For a radiator that costs $1000 I would hope they would send a replacement cap