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    After a s13 vert. Prefer a roller/non roller project but will consider complete cars.

    Hey guys Has anyone on here used the gk hydro kit that has the brackets for a dual calliper rear setup? Or any other kits that are good http://www.gktech.com/index.php/complete-s-chassis-dual-caliper-hydraulic-handbrake-setup.html Cheers
  3. Rim width

    There's always one hero
  4. Rim width

    Hi guys. After some advice I have been on rim tuck and on here and had a look at what size wheels people are fitting to their s13s with 50mm over fenders and the sizes people have vary heaps. I want to run 0 deg camber at the rear. And I have worked out that I need a 18x10 -10 or there abouts. Does this sound about right? Rim will be just outside the guard with tyre stretched inside the guard! I just wanted to check as I am looking at a set of wheels and I am unable to test fit them to the car as I have not yet done the 5 stud conversion. Any help would be great!!
  5. Hey guys. Been looking where to get a new garrett 3076 from and I found the guy streettotrack.com and his prices are super cheap. I emailed him and Havnt got a reply. Has anyone got anything from him recently or has he gone out of business. Or do ppl know where is a legit cheap place to get genuine garrett turbos. Cheers Adam
  6. As the title suggests. Does a neo box work with a normal 25. Speedo still works. Tail shaft length the same? Any help is greatly appreciated! Cheers guys
  7. hey guys, need an rb25det box for my engine conversion. i have sourced one but the guy said he isnt sure weather its a de or det box? any visual signs that will definatly tell me its a det box when i go to inspect it? any help would be unreal. cheers
  8. Carbon fibre bonnet repair

    Cheers boys. Ended up aralditing it. 2 part epoxy resin. Turned out ok. Can tell its a repair but
  9. Hey guys Forgot to close my bonnet properly today. Drove off bonnet flies up smashing my window and breaking the pointy corners behind the bonnet hinges almost off. Any chance of fixing this or am I a shot duck? Cheers
  10. Standard rb20 boost limit

    So 15? And bling not sure. I was tuned by jem at kirrawee. All the paper work, none says anything to do with a nix tune? Why do recon it has 1?
  11. Standard rb20 boost limit

    Yeh all standard as far as I'm aware. Only just purchased the car. Motors only done 90,000. Has minor mods fmic exhaust. Dyno sheet reads 174kw on 14psi
  12. Hey guys. Just wondering what amount of boost you can run with standard internals on a rb20. Cheers
  13. will a 18x12 +0 fit on a s13 standard rear guards? cheers guys
  14. Coilovers

    The helper spring is the spring that sits ontop of the main spring? Really short?
  15. Coilovers

    Isn't this forum here to ask questions. Help is great. Sarcasm not so great.