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  1. Playing in bands

    +1 Hence why the new band I am starting is with a friend with the same / similar music interest. Also just being straight up at the start is good so you're not wasting their time and your time. The drummer is a friend of ours and we told him straight up, we want to play Metalcore / Beatdown. If you like it then play drums if not, that's cool.

    Spotted NVS-15 on Eastern Freeway this week.
  3. Heading to CBD for work - where are the good eats at?

    Try the places you didn't get to go and also try: Stalactites http://www.stalactites.com.au Snag Stand http://snagstand.com.au/
  4. The Heavy Music Thread

    http://youtu.be/oWeTeFn0LhM Seeing them with Thy Art Is Murder in June! Get on it
  5. Playing in bands

    I played guitar in a band. Was fun but lead guitar player wanted everything his way. Started spending money where not needed, when all we needed was just to play shows. Now starting up another band and in the writing process.
  6. McLaren P1... Over 900hp yes please

    Looks mad! Aggressive yet still retain the smooth lines.
  7. Looks mad on the 180SX! Don't really like the Ben Sopra kit on the R35 GTR.
  8. Soundwave 2013 lineup released

    I will be seeing these bands (Sidewave Shows) 2013 lineup is shit compared to this year (2012). I think SW out did themselves this year.
  9. gymkhana 5.

    Same tricks, just bigger environment. I still enjoyed it though. Ken is great at what he does and clearly all his videos just a 'market placement' for himself
  10. What kit is this

    Looks to be a Vertex or something similar to those brands.

    Spotted SR20 this morning on Eastern Freeway. What looked to be a nice Brembo caliper upgrade up the fronts.
  12. What is the Most Embarrassing Mod?

    I was into it. Don't know why. Wasted so much money collecting stickers, to only figure out how stupid it looks and take it off LOL! Was thinking the same. +1
  13. What is the Most Embarrassing Mod?

    What about 'Sticker Bombing'? Seems to be a lot of hate for that and yet the people who do it, justify it by saying it's 'different'.
  14. What oil filter?

    I use a Ryco one. I have also used Cooper filters but I read they are a cheaper version of Ryco. I would have gone with a genuine Nissan filter, but would have to order from Nissan.
  15. lol

    Clearly the best for entertainment value.