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  1. Original 18" Bbs Lm's - $1,500

    Price : $1,500 Condition : Used These rims have just been sitting in my shed for the last 18 months so figure I might as well sell em. Original BBS LM's with BBS centre caps Size and offset: 18x8 +35 front 18x9 +35 rear PCD 5x114.3 Wheels are in pretty good nick, but have gutter rash (see images) and 1 has a nick taken out of it Price: $1500ono Located in Adelaide SMS 0401 329 434 Cheers Eddie
  2. Fifa 12

    Dick Smith has FIFA 12 for $69 for PS3 in case anyone is shopping around
  3. Petrol companies to trust for your car

    BP Ultimate - and with my BP mastercard its only a few cents more expensive than regular unleaded
  4. Suits

    yeah all french cuffed
  5. Suits

    thanks guys, ended up going to peter shearer, suit extra pair pants 3 shirts 2 ties belt & socks suit alterations for just over $900
  6. Suits

    starting new office job, willing to spend around a grand
  7. Suits

    anyone recommend some places to get some good quality business suits in Adelaide? last suit i bought was about 5-6 years ago, bought it from the first store i went into, place at norwood, i forgot the name though. so any recommendations / places to avoid?
  8. only exotic I've driven is a Ferrari Testarossa, I was 19 (my ex bosses car)
  9. e-go is awesome, i use their depot to depot service, recently sent 4 steelies from adelaide to sydney for $20 also sent a LSD to Brisbane for $9
  10. The Football Thread

    my seat was ~$51 AUD tickets ranged from $17 AUD to $345 AUD for general seating and up to $1200 for VIP
  11. The Football Thread

    dont mean to brag but.... i just hope Messi gets some match time
  12. City to Bay (SA)

    That gives you an average speed of 5.14kmh in thick human traffic. Nothing to be sad about...... 11.07 km/h actually
  13. Max's trip to the Worlds

    Congrats Max! and to you Markos, nice work! what were Max's numbers?
  14. Snow Season 2010

    Yep there's toll fee for entry. If your going for 8 days it would most likely work out cheaper to buy a full season pass. yup, $35 a day per car is correct, so 8 days your looking at $280 a season pass will set you back $350 so its best to make the most of your cars, i.e. take one large car i.e. 4wd rather than 2 small ones, unless you like paying hundreds of dollars for a car to sit there.
  15. luxury watches

    just curious then, if someone notices your watch and says "nice tag heuer" do you correct them and say its actually a replica?