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  1. Building the 15 (FINALLY FINISHED)

    shit is sexy =D

    loved it!
  3. Yo_Mang's S13 Silvia

    nice man keep it up
  4. rb25 powered s13

    tuff man
  5. s13 BPT

    damnn man that color is tight as,looking good man
  6. My red JDM S15 aero - weekend car

    that is a mint s15 always wanted one like that
  7. NISSAN S15 300KW RB26

    thank shit is a beast
  8. awesome man so much went into it, keep us posted on the conversion haha
  9. one more fm me...

    keep the posts coming man looks like it has awesome potential
  10. 1990 Nissan Silvia

    OOOOoo Looks nice man
  11. f**k off Sexy Bitch

    + 1 to that man
  12. ADM street meets #13

    lol meet some of you guys at the kabab place.. defects suck pm please =)
  13. Male vs Female at the atm

    gold man LOL
  14. 180sx convert like a ferrari

    atleast ur doing something new i guess
  15. Used my sisters eye makeup brush thing and a vaccum pretty good at cleaning dust LOL