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  1. engineering cars in SA

    run for prime minister. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee
  2. The Youtube Thread

  3. How to Zombie Proof Your Car

    when the zombies come you'll thank your bum that on this fatefull day might car mods showed you the way
  4. Need FD RX7's for my wedding

    f**k 4 get two. have yoursleves driving. profit
  5. engineering cars in SA

    yerp that piece of paper means shit all. mainly because a cop can just say that you have modified it since getting it engineered. they do come in handy when visiting the pits to get a defect off
  6. S13 Crushing

    i would off giving it to mythbusters with the directions of "please use excessive explosive force"
  7. RIP supra owner.

    i think it's very fair, someone did something stupid, they paid the costs, im failing to see why this guy gets a thread of condolences by random people who dont know him, and for most will probably pay for his dumb actions in an indirect way. whereas every day someone is struck by illness, or killed by a drunk driver or one of the many other truly unlucky events that occurs in our world through no fault of their own, and they don't get anything. I bet youve gone over the speed limit before, if that was your brother mabye you wouldnt be an inconciderate prick and say you may something positive in the thread, or mabye just choose to say something pointless on another thread noone gives a shit about. show some respect RIP Nisskid hit the nail on the head. Why should we respect him when he showed zero respect for anyone else driving on that road that day.
  8. Most Awesome Bed Set!

    whats surfboard wax got to do with anything lubrication. haha
  9. RIP supra owner.

    this is where the driving laws dont work. if two armed robbers go into a bank. ones goes crazy and starts shooting people the other doesnt go down for murder since he didnt kill anyone. but he will get a armed robbery charge. if two people are walking along and one person has a unregistered firearm only the owner off the firearm will be charged for possession of a firearm. if two people are driving in the same car and the driver does a burnout the passenger doesnt get done with a hoon driving charge. the other driver should be charge with everything that he did in his own car (speeding, dangerous driving, leaving the crash etc... ) but should not be held responsible for the other persons actions. since he had absolutely no control over the dead drivers driving.
  10. Christmas present ideas

    faultless idea. any booze always goes down a treat also
  11. kspeed kama offset?

    12 slotters are 5 stud if your thinking the ones off old fords and such. go look for old school works or any jap meshies and fit them up. simple, attractive and will never go out of style
  12. RIP supra owner.

    the only limiting factor on a race track is yourself. the limiting factor on the roads is everybody else.
  13. Ti7 rims

    would you like us to pick a shirt for you to wear to sunday school aswell??