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  1. My old S13

    Nothing notable about that car to make it stand out and particularly make anybody remember it. Doubt any one would know
  2. help me~need s13DE standard

    lol @ melted engine when you looked under the bonnet wouldnt it of looked strange?? id be putting this in the NSW section.. and name it something like Best/Cheapest Workshop for S13 engine conversion in Syd. could help. im sure one of the boys knows of a good one
  3. Jess's S13

    u just dont know me yet sugar i think your in..
  4. ill just machine it then
  5. i have just got a button clutch, and was wondering to either machine it or ground it if i machine it, it wont realy be that smooth
  6. 1JZ 2JZ 1UZ RB26 VG30 13B
  7. what is your dream car?

    The Batmobile
  8. hmmm, 14psi is safe id be guessing about 190rwkw - 200rwkw
  9. Hi :)

    hey kev your swift is SWEET!!! - bennettaru
  10. fire extinguishers

    i have mine mounted infront of the front passengers seat on the floor, nice and accesable
  11. my vk commodore

    arent you forgeting one thing.. the "Economy Tachometer"
  12. rb20det turbos

    standard, they are ceramic case closed
  13. datto 1

    is that turboed?
  14. Legal Limit for Exhaust in NSW

    I have a 12/87 series4 rx7. ill look in the AUVIS book today at work
  15. Legal Limit for Exhaust in NSW

    im thinking on going and seeing him tomorrow, and showing him the reading, and see if he will drop the defect for me i also got a FINE for missing one P Plate, which was $175!!! i was headless about that!