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  1. Recent OT changes

    Your bang on the money there son. If they did close the thread it would further highlight the point that almost all of us made.
  2. Recent OT changes

    Lol that would prove my point entirely....
  3. Recent OT changes

    Just venting how off topic is no where near the standard it used to be thats all. Nothing personal to pikachu but mods used to be respected and valued, even the OT ones so i find it funny that one of the biggest postwhores who I think posts nothing but trash became a mod. If you look at the first page now half the threads have been moved or are locked, it going downhill man, downhill.
  4. No offense personally but you guys must be struggling to find mods if that the best you can find. All the posts i read are worthless and bordering retarded. No wonder off topic has gone so downhill in the past year or so, the glory days are well well passed with threads being locked, moved and for the most part boring now. Gone are all the old members who used to make it worthwhile to check out... maybe im jaded but i speak the truth.
  5. I work in finance and as you said consolidating your debt was the best thing you could have done. PM if anyone wants credit advice, I can pretty much guarantee I can save you money from you bills. Whether it be phone, insurance, loan, credit cards etc.
  6. met this guy outside of Crown Casino in Melbourne, he came up and wanted to borrow a lighter and then out of know where asks whether I wanted to buy his jacket off him for $80 so he can play 2/3NL (as he had already lost everything), I said it wouldnt fit, and he said anything you can see is for sale (phone, watch, even shoes and jeans). I gave him $10 to go on camera and this was the result. Enjoy the most degen poker player I have ever met/ He didnt even seem drunk, and had no problem with making a fool of himself on camera. I missed the funniest part tho straight after I turned the camera off he goes, "wow poker is addictive" Here is the video anyway, enjoy
  7. I doubt you going to make money on it.. most people have resorted to selling them for face value.
  8. I was over in Shanghai a couple of weeks ago. The gym at my hotel was crazy, like 40 storey up with panoramic view of the city.
  9. This is the long awaited return to off topic post by Buoy? Slightly dissapointed.
  10. Free Tibet V Olympics

    f**k Tibet. I bet if you asked half those protesters what they actually protesting they wouldnt know exactly.
  11. westgate bridge worlds first

    This has brought a new low to creating a thread with a worthless YouTube video inside. Congratulations.
  12. Can people please refrain from posting when they coming down from E.. its the guys 21st for fcuks sake, I would be more worried if he didnt completely write himself off. You can never have too much alchohol either at a party, quit your whining, your mate hardly sounds like a junky, and would most probally laugh at you if you attempted this 'intervention'.
  13. Thats insta death if he f**ks that up.. pretty crazy jump...