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  1. coolant in sump.. help!

    yeah changed fluids no coolant in oil then started it ran for 10mins turned it off and it sat again for 12months. Thinking about cams as I want more power but not too fussed.. Might aswell if the head is off.. Haven't driven it as I got defected and had plans to track car but mainly because shit job=no money but going to rego it again now hopefully.
  2. coolant in sump.. help!

    Cheers pmod I guess that's one good thing currently 220kw 10psi but aiming for 300-320kw so guessing i should probably get MHG if I'm going to run 18-20psi+ maybe e85down the track as the bottom end is built already.
  3. coolant in sump.. help!

    Not too sure if I'll be able to do it myself but I'll see.. It already has arp studs but they stretch and need replacing every time I thought..
  4. coolant in sump.. help!

    Is there any aftermarket kits or will standard be fine? Will be getting metal headgasket also (it should have one already but I'll replace that)if I'm doing that I should probably get drop in cams and upgrade springs valves and retainers etc as I already have forged pistons etc and save money later I guess...?? Yeah?
  5. coolant in sump.. help!

    Was hoping that wasnt the case.. Whats needed for a rebuild kit..metal Head gasket and I'm guessing head studs again but what else..
  6. coolant in sump.. help!

    12 months ago it had no water in sump.. Hasn't been driven since then only warmed up for 5mins..
  7. HELP!!..so it seems I have about 500ml of coolant in my sump.. Guessing it's a head gasket what else could it be?? Info: Sr20det 10,000km since rebuild, started fine 12 months ago has sat since then but wasn't started for a year before that. Not driven in 3 yrs.. Before last start I put fresh fluids in( didn't have coolant in sump last time) took spark plugs out and turned key to spin the motor to get oil pressure up so that could have been when I did that?.. Any help would be good.. If I need a new head gasket what would the kit cost to do it with metal head gasket.. Also since I have forged pistons I might aswell upgrade cams,springs,valves retainers etc.. What would rough cost be for parts.
  8. camber bolts?

    I emailed them 3 days ago and still got no reply.. guess ill get whiteline or ebay ones.
  9. camber bolts?

    Where do i get them from and how mush?
  10. camber bolts?

    Hence me needing a camber bolt!! Nah no spacers.. Wheel sits flush now and ive already been defected for having my rear wheels poking (less than 10mm.) So dont want to get done again..
  11. putting arbag stuff back in s14

    All good now anyway I found someone that will blueslip with nardi coilovers and a few other things
  12. camber bolts?

    Cheers I need 10mm more clearance at the top of my wheel to coilover.. camber tops are centred so with the camber bolt and maxing the cambertops to negative camber I should get very close to 10mm. Going from 8.5+15 to 9+20
  13. Car Insurance

    Yeah man ill be doing that.
  14. camber bolts?

    Can anyone tell me where I can get camber bolts for s14..? And also what size I should get they confuse me. Also can I use 2 bolts on one side if I need too.. Cheers. Or if theres any other ways to get positive camber form the clevis im all ears.