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  1. Can You Work This Riddle Out

    That's not a riddle. It's just rambling with poor punctuation...
  2. ^^^ http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=438203
  3. S15 leather interior trade

    Lol, the interior is long gone now sorry. I just stumbled accross this thread by coincidence. This thread appears so old that the forum isn't even bothered sending me an update...
  4. Don't hate. That's how the car looked the day I bought it and with the never ending forum upgrades I can't change my avatar.... Let me change it for you then, give me pic for new avatar and I will put it on. I tried to change it several times - still get errors. I've just removed my avatar for now. The car has been in a workshop for several months and all pics I have are now outdated anyhow. Atleast this way it saves me getting hated on for now..... I'll let you know when I get some recent pics and you can change it for me - Thanks .
  5. Don't hate. That's how the car looked the day I bought it and with the never ending forum upgrades I can't change my avatar....
  6. Stumbled accross this and thought it was a joke from hell - Anyone else get the same feeling? http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/liverpool/cars/toyota-soarer-body-gtr-r34-front-monaro-back-not-wrx-evo-s15-/1003016333
  7. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/261043759933?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649 S15 Aero replica if you're still interested. Good quality kits.
  8. Price : $150 Condition : Used Got a few bits for sale - sms 0404 301 498 - Pick up in Arncliffe or Moorebank/Liverpool. 1. S15 Vertex Side - Painted factory yellow - $150 Putting on a new kit so these are for sale. Painted a factory yellow, paint in good condition. The bottom of one has been scraped a little underneath from a speed bump (and a few scratches inside where the door sits) but it can't be seen from outside. There is some black glue (from inside the door trim) on one of them in the pics. It will clean straight off with some wax and grease remover. Just haven't had time... - Located in Moorebank/Liverpool currently. 2. Brand new Walbro 400lph fuel pump - $170 I bought this brand new to fit to my s15 to run e85. It hasn't been used and is still brand new and packaged. The car won't be back on the road for a few months and I need cash to fix my bike so I'm selling to free up funds. - Located in Arncliffe - easy to post... 3. S15 Veilside rear bar - Painted factory yellow with black lower accents - $80. Don't let the fact that it's Veilside sway you - It's a great looking bar! Perfect fit. The rear left upper corner (near where is mounts on the car) has a few scratches from where the truck hit my car... (can sms pics...) Easy fix for a good rear bar! Located in Moorebank/Liverpool. Send me an sms on 0404 301 498 or pm (prefer sms as I am always at work and can't generally pick up the phone...)
  9. New key for S15

    If you have an ADM S15 and you're running the factory alarm or ECU then you're up shit creek as the AUS spec have a coded key. If you don't have a key to retrieve the original code from then you're hard pressed to find it out.... When you run an aftermarket alarm or ECU then this is removed. If you have an aftermarket alarm or ECU already (Or a JDM s15 as they don't have the coded key), go to the wreckers and purchase a new ignition barrel with matching keys. Have a locksmith unlock the car, then remove all of the locks (doors + boot) and have the locksmith recode the locks to match the new key. While they do this, you swap the ignition barrel..... Had to do this when I lost my keys once.... - If you don't have the alarm, have a mobile alarm guy come out who can also unlock the car and then while they install the new alarm you can swap the ignition barrel - with central locking installed you wont have to rush to change the door locks etc as you can use the new alarm key fob....
  10. The power fc gives you the option to display max read out - why not use that to see what's maxed out? Most probably injectors going over 90%. You can also turn off each option from clicking the check light if you want. Turn them off one at a time, and then do a run that would normally hit the check light. When it stops coming on you'll know what sensor is tripping the check light.
  11. Check to make sure the subframe isn't cracked or damaged at all. S14/S15 ones often crack near the rear diff mount very easily... Also, cracks in the bushes are quite hard to notice while stationary. Locking collars are well worth the investment...
  12. EPA

    1st stage of EPA is easy. Factory everything that you can - turbo manifold + heatshield (in the least have a heatshield to hide a larger turbo...), remove boost controller + any electronics in bay, factory FPR, stock intercooler if not engineered for fmic and factory exhaust including cat (front pipe is fine). If all this is okay and you pass noise test then you're on your merry way... If youre an idiot like I was and leave any of this intact then you're in for stage 2 EPA = smog test. That is a little harder to pass.... but can be done...
  13. Price : $400 Condition : Used Nissan 200sx S15 Leather Driver Seat - BRAND NEW - $400ono http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/uploads/monthly_05_2012/classifieds-70123-0-11693400-1336964596.jpg I have the leather drivers seat for sale from my s15 200sx. The seat was retrimmed in high quality leather and all of the cushions were redone. The seat is essentially brand new since the retrim and has never been back in a car. I have a recaro in my car now so this is of no use. Includes S15 factory rail + seatbelt end with sensor. Pick up Arncliffe NSW or happy to deliver locally for a fee. Price is negotiable. SMS on 0404 301 498 preferred.