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  1. Watch Dogs

    Omg the driving is so garbage in this game. Worth a play though. Certainly a bit of fun
  2. Who Believes In Ghosts?

    I've got one wierd story.I can still almost perfectly remember every detail When I was much younger, my rents went out for the night. Anyway, I decided to go to bed around 11, so I head up stairs, turn off all the lights and jump into bed. I read a book for about twenty minutes then put my head to pillow looking out my window, opposite my door. Anyway, I have been lying there for a little bit and I think I hear a car pull into my driveway, so I perked up a little bit. I try to listen for them coming in, but don't hear anything. Then I hear what sounds like quick footsteps coming up the stairs, so I figure that the rents are home. The footsteps come all the way around the hallway and then stop outside my room, I remember thinking that my dad must have popped in to check if I was asleep. Then a few more steps and I feel what I thought was a hand on the back of my head, really gently. My heart starts pounding, and then there are scurrying footsteps - short steps - away which I hear go around the hall and down the stairs. Then nothing. I sat bolt upright and turned on a bunch of lights in my room, before trying to figure out WTF had just happened (I was about 14). I went to go and see if my dog was inside (we had a small dog who would occasionally wander upstairs if he needed to go out etc etc, but he was outside. Nobody was home, I ended up walking around nearly every part of the house checking. To this day, still cannot figure out wtf happened. Never had any other wierd moments in my house - footsteps, doors closing blah blah - just that one event. I'm not a believer in the supernatural.
  3. Late to the party but hey, why not. Ok, so this is how it would likely go. Australia is instantly out - all of their weaponry is within tactical range or currently occupied by the US. We would have to surrender almost instantly to avoid death raining upon us. New Zealand doesn't count for shit. The only countries on the Pacific Rim who stand a chance against even a single carrier group are Japan and China at a stretch. Throw in South Korea and you might have a party. But this is all irrelevant. All that matter is first strike capabilities and you have to believe that the US is definitely going to win on this front. They have a carrier group within a day of the East China Sea, possibly two. A lot of people seem to forget the sheer firepower of a carrier group. It will raze a city in a matter of hours. We move to the Middle east. The US has military bases scattered in Turkey, Israel, I believe Saudi Arabia and along the edge of the old SU. Remember, nothing matters except first strike. The US bases will be over-run and destroyed, but the damage they can cause before this occurs will be immense. They already have entire companies stationed in Iraq and Iran, which would likely push west through Jordan to try and save/base in Israel. Africa will do nothing. There is no long distance striking capabilities worth mentioning. By the time they have mobilised there will be a clear victor. Russia is no longer really a threat, but they are within striking range of US bases. The big worry is going to be Western Europe - Germany, UK and France. They wouldn't be able to mobilise forces quickly enough to help their new middle eastern allies, and would probably focus on moving down to secure the Med Sea and the Suez canal. At this point, there are at least 3 more carrier groups moving towards the pacific rim, one heading further north to the Bering sea to prevent any incursion to the US through Canada. They aren't needed apart from this to protect US home ground. The southern borders are easily defended and Canada doesn't have the firepower to make any real headway up north. As for fuel, its irrelevent. In fact, it is more likely that the rest of the world will have issues. Part of first strike would be destroying natural gas lines in the pacific rim and from military bases in Turkey. Same goes for major oil lines. The US has nearly 60 million barrels of oil (possibly more) in reserve + whatever they can produce, which is enough to last give or take 3 months of rationing. The war is going to be over by then.
  4. Price : $1,200 Condition : Used Hey everyone, Wheels of my 180 are for sale. I wanted to keep them and put on my next car, but they won't fit because they are a little too big lol 18x9.5 +22 225/45 on the front (KU31) 235/45 on the rear (Federal 595ss) Wheels are in pretty decent condition. Could do with a scrub up. Minor rash. Tyres have probably travelled less than 1000km. Heaps and heaps of tread. $1200 ono Also got 10mm spacers I will throw in for the front Cam
  5. intank fuel pump noise on hot days

    Drop down is gone, or the pump is gone. My 040 lasted all of about 6 months. By the end you could hear 15ft from the car
  6. Knock Sensor Torque( help!)

    You don't want to overtighten it, but it can't be loose either.
  7. i stopped reading at the part i bolded.. Implying that it could be as high as 50% of muslims that are out rioting right now?? What a d*ckhead.. a quick google shows that in January 2011 there were approximately 2.2 BILLION muslims worldwide, so how many of them are out rioting?? 10% would be 220 million, so it definitely isnt even nearly that amount.. 1 percent? 22 million, and i dont even think it would have been that many.. So what you have pasted there is the intolerant dribblings of some racist moron, that writes things like that for sheer shock factor.. a quick google of this idiot says exactly what i just wrote is dead on. http://en.wikipedia....Harris_(author) go down to criticisms, and have a look at what other authors actually think of this dude.. there is even a point where they quote this harris lad (what an awesome name though) in his book The End of Faith, where he is advocating a nuclear first strike as arguably "the only course of action available to us, given what Islamists believe" in the event of an Islamist regime such as Iran acquiring nuclear weapons. So as you can probably see from that, he is a terrible man.. a bigot of the worst kind, who has the following online to spread his terrible ideals and get his one sided view across. I'll leave you with a write up by Brain Earp, who is a research assistant at the University of Oxford, who absolutely tears this idiot to shreds not only about his beliefs, but actually confronts him at some Q&A thing, and has him on the back foot the entire time.. Ultimately, thats so off tangent, and i'll iv done there is discredit the person who's article you linked, but it goes to my point from pages and pages ago.. People are so happy to jump on the anti-islam train, that they will create facts and numbers to help get their point across.. "from 5 to 50% of the muslim population are demanding that all non muslims adhear to Muslim law" Where did he get those numbers from?? googling around doesnt find anything like that at all, and as i pointed out above, none of those numbers can even come close.. 5% is 110 million, what 110 million people did he get this information from? he didnt, and is just using exaggerated information like that to get his point across.. Its pretty obvious that you really don't have a clue about anything. Firstly, the bolded part is what is known as a rhetorical question. It is not a statement of fact. Despite this, there are multiple countries (read: Islamic) who every year try to force an Islamic Calitaph and implement international blasphemy laws. Why would you stand up to this? Stop with the religious apologism. Islam is a plague. I don't care how many peaceful muslims there are. They just don't understand their own religion. Thats the whole problem. As for Brian Earp, it appears as though he entirely missed the point of moral consequentialism. Harris is talking about deriving moral directions from measurable outcomes. There is no higher philosophical brand here, and to imply that there is reeks of broken logical mechanisms.
  8. You are obviously not a dental surgeon. They are not always done via local. They are done however you choose for them to get done. I had to get all four out and one was impacted. So I elected to go under a general and get it all done at one. To be honest OP, whether it is a local or general is irrelevant. It really depends on the skill of the anaethetist and the surgeon. The lower your blood pressure during the operation and the more careful the incision and removal of the teeth and roots, the less likely you are to have complications or lasting pain.
  9. S14/15 Coilover bolts

    Cheers guys, Ended up grabbing a set from Japanese import spares. I only need two of them i think, but they come in a pack of four lol
  10. S14/15 Coilover bolts

    Could anyone suggest an actual location to purchase either the bolts or the sleeves? I would prefer to use sleeves, but if I have to drill out the coilover then I have to do it. Not really a major issue. Cheers, Cam
  11. Hola everyone, I am going 5 stud on my 180sx and have found out that I need to use the coilover bolts from an s14 (same as 5 stud set up) in order to bolt everything up. Does anyone have these/know where I can buy them?? Cheers, Cam
  12. Just recieved and installed GKTECH rear subframe collars Perfect fit and a brilliant price. Has made a real difference aswell. Cheers - I'll be looking into some arms soon, most likely rear camber at this point
  13. 21 Ways To Improve Australia

    What a heap of shit. Firstly, the guy doesn't understand what he is talking about. For instance, one of his arguments against the carbon tax is supported by incentivising clean energy. Which was tried and failed. Then he talks about the NBN and omits the fact that it is a loan, not a part and parcel infastructure project funded by taxpayer money. Don't even give it the time of day.
  14. SSD or HDD?

    SSD will be faster, unless you want to take some bigger steps. Velociraptors in RAID 0 is pretty f**king fast. Keep in mind that SSD's have a shelf life, so if the comp is going to be used fairly regularly, don't expect the SSD to last much longer than say 2 years (conservative)
  15. Changing GVM for registration

    Grrr so annoying. I'll go down to Dee Why and get the ticket then. Stinky government. I could have used that money for something useful!