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  1. ULX110 10w-40

    hey i have a 92 180sx sr20 (88000km) with a gt2860rs + all the normal mods. when i bought the car there was no head noise, and when i changed the oil to a nulon 10w40, something in the head started to make a hell of a noise.. i contacted the previous owner and he said that there was ULK110 10w40 in it. does anyone know where i can get ULK110 10w40 in adelaide? and/or know what the noise could be? any help would be awesome.
  2. tappets/oil problems

    ok i havent had time to pull off the rocker cover yet, but i got a mechanical stethoscope and the noise is at its loudest on the exhaust side of cylinder three....
  3. tappets/oil problems

    how do i check the oil pressure? do i need to get a oil pressure gauge? when you thicker oil, how thick are we talking? like a 20w-50 for even thicker?
  4. tappets/oil problems

    3.5L came out, so i tryed to put 3.5L back in but i accidently put in a little more so theres about 3.7-4L in there.
  5. tappets/oil problems

    nah there was no head noise at all when i bought it... nah there was no head noise at all when i bought it...
  6. hey im a newbie so be nice I changed the engine oil in my 92 180sx redtop (78000km) with a gt2860rs + the normal mods, and put some nulon 10w-40 fully synthetic oil in it. as soon as i started it up the tappets went crazy. The noise is quite loud when the engine is cold and it doesn't disappear when its at running temperature. Could this be the "wrong" oil causing the nosie? Previously there was VXD? oil in. (the owner couldn't remember what the mechanic put in it)If it is what is a good oil to use? any help would be awesome. thanks.
  7. clutch master cylinder pressure

    the site isnt letting me upload the pic. anyway after all morning of ring around, i have found a rebuild kit for 16 bucks. Im picking it up 2 night and hopefully that will fit it.
  8. clutch master cylinder pressure

    i have attached a picture of the cylinder. is it the right one? is it meant to be like this http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=250452662746&ih=015&category=42605&ssPageName=WDVW&rd=1 ?
  9. Supercheap auto = $14.98 (ordered)
  10. clutch master cylinder pressure

    we took the master off last night (there is no bleeding nipple on it) and pulled it part. one of the seals on the piston has dissolved? (thats what was making all the fluid black) im currently trying to find a rebuild kit for the master. does anyone know where i can get this kit and or what part number it is? Unley Nissan want $60 and a 3 week wait (its coming from Japan), Supercheap auto can get the whole thing for $150 (i got the slave from them and it was $14.98) thanks.
  11. on saturday i was driving along and after taking off from a side street into a main road, my clutch pedal went to the ground and stayed there. we came to the conclusion that the clutch slave cylinder was stuffed. we got a new slave today and it's all installed correctly. My father and i are currently trying to bleed the clutch lines and after an hour of bleeding the thing, we are struggling to build up pressure on the clutch pedal. We are still getting some dirty fluid coming out. Also the pedal still isnt "self-rebounding" (i have to manually pull it out) any help would be awesome. thanks btw its a 1992 180sx redtop
  12. Increasing Boost

    how can air get in the lifters? i thought that was just when u rebuild the engine....? or can that happen when you change the oil?
  13. Increasing Boost

    ok. i have the receipt in my hand. it states, "Fitment of supplied boost controller and supply of reg and fit and tune of car" = $600 it was done by THR Developments if that makes a difference.
  14. Increasing Boost

    im pretty sure it doesnt have a remap... ok. what are some good dyno places in adelaide? has anyone heard of Blackwood Dyno?