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  1. Hey guys , looking to purchase a 180sx or s13 rolling shell . Registerable would be preferred. Msg me via private mail on here. Cheers Josh.

    Hey guys after a 180sx or s13 rolling shell.
  3. V8 s13 questions.

    please re word this for someone who has no idea on what you just said
  4. WTAC Team Drift - Team Red Stage

    Yes was driving the red JZX100 not his own... Also congrats to the Team Red Stage guys !
  5. WTAC Team Drift - Team Red Stage

    Considering Saito was driving a weapon of a car yes Pembrey did awesome to keep up in is little machine Im not sure if Eiji was driving the R32 or not but they were whipping down some awesome tandems !
  6. Hey was just wondering if the Team Red Stage boys took out the team drift on the weekend or not ? i knew they were in first on the votes from what i heard at the end of the Saturday night but didn't hear if they won or not ... There was some nice tandems getting chucked down during the expression sessions !!
  7. Hey guys , looking to drop a v8 into my s13 shell soon and was curious as to what the go is gearbox wise .. Im going to be getting my hands on a 6L LS1 out of a VE ute and want to know do the gearbox's lineup with the standard shifter hole ? or do you have to purchase a different LS1 gearbox to suit , and also how much cutting to firewall/gearbox tunnel needs to be done ? Cheers Jcook.
  8. Local PARTS for sale

    Hey guys , Still have a few things for sale that need to go as i am moving houses and will have no space ! Set of 17inch 4x114.3 multistud with brand new 225/45 r17s on front and 80% on the rear - 400$ 180sx Front quarter panels (white in colour ) - 200$ 180sx bonnet white in colour - 100$ Message me on 0434072189 for photos and any other details Cheers Josh.
  9. Local PARTS for sale

    Hey guys got a few things for sale leftover from parting out my 180sx. White 180sx Bonnet (Good condition) = Offer$ White 180sx Front Guards (Great condition, sold as pair) = 300$ White 180sx Headlights with motors and loom = Offer$ Nissan S15 Blacktop Apexi PowerFC + Hand Controller = 800$ Set of 17x7.5 Multistud Rims with Brand new tread = 500$ Contact me on 0434 072 189
  10. Local PARTS for sale

    Updated list of what i currently have for sale . 180sx Type X pods + Valance = 250$ 180sx Stock front bumper (condition needs paint) = 40$ 180sx Stock Rear bumper (condition needs paint) = 40$ 180sx Nismo Stock side skirts (condition needs paint and one is cracked) = 110$ 180sx drivers side quarter panel x 2 ( needs work ) = 40$ 180sx passanger side quarter panel ( needs work ) = 40$ 180sx Centre console surround ( awesome condition ) = 70$ 180sx speedo surround ( awesome condition ) = 40$ 180sx CA18 i repeat CA18 slotted rotors ( do not fit sr20 ) = 80$ 180sx Gp Sports Front Bumper + Tear drop clear indicators = 240$ Nissan s15 Diff + half shafts (good condition) = $ Offer Gkteck 3inch Front pipe with flex = 100$ Gkteck 3inch Dump pipe = 80$ Gkteck 3inch Mandrel bent catback exhaust = 180$ BC racing Coilovers Front and rear (good condition) = 900$ Nissan S15 Apexi PowerFC + Hand Controller = 850$ Bf Shadow guages, Water temp, Oil Temp, Boost Pressure + All senders and adapters = 200$ Type X rear tail lights + centre garnish ( been dodgy modded as it had globes holders cut out ) = 200$ 180sx Short shifter unknown brand = $offer Carbon Fibre Dmax 3 piece hatch lip ( Dmax do not make these anymore ) = 250$ S15 Hyrbid FMIC with all piping and joiners ( has nipple for bov) = 250$ Nissan S15 Blacktop SR20DET good condition stock standard , 90,000km's , comes with gearbox and engine loom and everything else attatched to engine. = 2500$ All 180sx interior parts available just message me and ask and i will let you know if its still here . 180sx Shell with all windows and minimum body damage ( no front end, keen keep more parts on it for more money ) = 500$ Open to offers on alot of things so dont hesitate just dont low ball . Contact me via text on 0434 072 189 Cheers Josh

    To be honest i would look at velo over sparco , im fair sure velo racing seats are also ADR approved .
  12. ACT Rides

    S-K-P i have seen your car at a wakefield open day , i was out there driving a formula vee . Nice looking car definetely looks funky from a distance with the stockies on but did sound like it had some power on the straight , But welcome !
  13. Local PARTS for sale

    Hey , Got a few spares for sale that need to go . S15 diff + half shafts = offer Nismo side skirts s13/180sx (need to be sprayed and one has a crack) genuine plastic = offer Gp sports look a like 180sx front bar fiberglass = offer Cheers Josh .
  14. Make : NISSAN Transmission : Kilometres : 0 Price : $6,500 Condition : Used Hey guys , Up for sale for a second time after i bought it back from who i sold it too is my nissan 180sx. It has been a great car but due to finicial and family stuff it is up for sale again and needs to go. This car is not a show car but definetely a great car to start off in for drifting, circuit or even to be made a daily driver . I bought it back and re installed all interior parts as last owners decided to strip it to a bare shell . I have also washed it back so its practically is white again due to previous owners giving it a spray can black look, the paint on the car is resonably decent but if you want it to be perfect it will need to be resprayed . I have been trying to restore it back to its orginal state and making it road worthy, The only things needed for a roadworthy now would be rear seat belts new windscreen and a horn and dash to be wired up . Dash has not been wired up due to the car getting a blacktop S15 motor dropped in and just havent got around to doing it. Note: Thoe silly x's on headlights have been removed White Nissan 180sx 1994 Engine S15 Blacktop SR20DET (90,000km's) 5 speed manual C's short shifter Front mount intercooler Drift pod filter Gkteck 3inch Dump Gkteck 3inch Catback Gkteck 3inch Front pipe Aftermarket radiator hoses Suspension 17x8 Rims with good tread 90% BC racing coilovers Replaced steering rack bushings Replaced caster rod arms bushings Electronics Shadow BF Guages ( Water temp, Oil temp, Boost pressure ) Apexi PowerFC ecu ( with Hand controller ) JVC Headunit Body Aftermarket Front bar Nismo side skirts Type X Rear pods Type X Rear valance Type X Tail lights Brand new Quarter panels and Bonnet. Spares Stock rear suspension S15 Diff with half shafts 2x 180sx quarter panels Stock 180sx Front bar Stock 180sx intercooler and piping there is more to list but most of it is either spare parts etc etc . 6 spare stockies Price I am looking for $6500 but i am negotiable on the price so make an offer Contact Contact me on 0434 072 189 for more details . And if you would like more photos dont hesitate to ask . Cheers Josh
  15. 180sx type x tail light garnish

    You can use your standard lower garnish with type x lights , no one will tell unless they know about it and just use spacers so it sits out the same as your type x lights and middle garnish