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  1. Nissan Gazelle

    That car hasn't been around for that long. The dude bought it with good intentions of putting it on the road, believe I sold him a ca20e for it. Was abit rough, had rust above the windscreen and became a skid pig with a CA18 once he found a better road going S12.
  2. S12 n/a streeter & S14a track car

    Thanks man, I dont blame ya they are different from the norm! Na emitz are probably more intended for the S14, thinking of reversing the rear barrels and polishing them up and that way fill my guards! S12 is getting some 15x7.5 +12 SSR MKII's that I recently bought, just got some R31 LCA's (which are shorter) so I can fit the under my stock front guards!
  3. S12 n/a streeter & S14a track car

    Had my cage done this weekend done by Brett Shears at Drop Dead Customs, good work and good price. Pretty obvious from the photo its a half cage with taxi bar and side intrusions
  4. S12 n/a streeter & S14a track car

    Made my braided power steering lines tonight, the stock ones were average. Tig welded some 'weld on' 6an fittings to the original fittings on the pump and rack and fitted the elbows and joiners to suit. Makes it easy if I ever want to put in a cooler. Car goes off for its cage this weekend aswell!
  5. S14 Daily/Drifting/Tarmac Car

    Cool thread man and neat S14, those KTS castor arms look good! Might have to sus out a set for mine!
  6. S12 n/a streeter & S14a track car

    Bit of an update/ photo dump. Some new R33 rotors came up for cheap and easily enough so did some calipers, all local and a good up grade! Bought some 17x9 +22 Wedsport RS5's for a good price, recon they will suit the S14 well. Have owned some 17x7 Work Emitz for awhile now, some reason they appeal to me. Some wider ~3' barrels came up recently so thought it would be good to make them decent size! Warped one of the centres on my MKII's on the S12, bit pissed but guess happens with drift! Need to track down a replacment centre or find new wheel
  7. blingys SR20 R33 4 Door. quick build before matsuri

    Ahh man sucks about the defect, seems to familiar to the S14! So minor, just has to go to Vicroads for them to scope over? Nice box btw
  8. blingys SR20 R33 4 Door. quick build before matsuri

    Looks sick man! I want some RPF1's for the S14, they look alot better painted to.
  9. blingys SR20 R33 4 Door. quick build before matsuri

    Where did you have the tailshaft made man? The 33's looking good btw.
  10. S12 n/a streeter & S14a track car

    So finally found some motivation over the Christmas break. Freshened up the RB with new front and rear main seals, cam and rocker cover seals, new timing belt/ pulleys and engine mounts. Got myself a NPC clutch and lightened flywheel thanks the Simon Michelmore, got an oil cooler kit, radiator and Shockworks coilovers off Donny at Forced Motorworxs and picked up a new good size intercooler locally for cheap! S14 is finally in my shed at home so should see things happen with it.
  11. rb25 powered s13

    When you get around to swapping over to S15 dash a mate of mine is looking for a non-cracked S13 dash in Traralgon!
  12. generic topic title

    Ahh that makes more sense now, o'ring for extra measure is a good idea! Do you buy your fittings loacally or have a good website?
  13. Should post around or Chris might know someone you could borrow a hoist for awhile. There might be a few places close to me but means a drive for ya.
  14. generic topic title

    Those wheels have gone to good home! With your heater hose delete on your 25, is that fitting you machined in the cooling neck just held in there by the braided line pressing the O'ring in or something further?
  15. blingys SR20 R33 4 Door. quick build before matsuri

    Gee you move fast compared to me haha. Just shimming the diff tighter or putting in LSD? How does Taark compare to getting stuff from Wights Nissan in Traralgon?