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  1. apart from thermostat, water pump maybe? also check if water has gone into the engine.
  2. clutch quiver?

    that's normal - you have to adjust to it. did they disc-machine your flywheel?
  3. how do they look like? do you have pics (din cupholder). i have one of those /c vent holder but it cracked my vent louvre - too fragile to handle. yeah i know i'm supposed to be driving while she's holding the cup, but she's also holding the kfc drumstick with oily hands, so the cup or coke-can gets messy when she gives it to me. in usa, i thought cup holders on cars is a big thing - it's not a question of if you have one in the car but rather how many there are. ppl from usa might have some pics how is it over there. d'king38039.8457407407
  4. what type and where can you put cupholder/s that's not obstrusive to your legs or the dash of 180sx? and where can i buy decent ones? i don't like those ones from k-mart that you can hang off the window sill or clip on the aircon vent. d'king38037.7117476852
  5. Engine Reconditioning Questions

    i wonder what others think. DTCHMN_180: i was thinking that if i spend a budget (only if comparable) for stock s15 engine and take it to its longevity, by then i should still be able to save more money when later recon will be required taking the life of the car much longer (provided the s15 engine i would get is not a trash or already due yet for reconditioning). installing s15 engine to a 180sx can be another issue using s13 gearbox. 180sxboosting: if i may ask, how much budget have you allowed for (as a guide). d'king38037.1998726852
  6. what can it be??

    yep, i had that same problem before with my previous car, which i thought the worst that happened to me. eventually, the thump became a clunk and then, i could no longer shift the stick and called a tow truck. i had to replace the diff. and yes, it could be a loosely hanging exhaust (also happened to my 180sx because it was too low). eventually, the mid-section collapsed when it hit a hump and had to be replaced too. d'king38037.1861111111
  7. just curious, what mods did you have to do to fit the sr20det into the hilux engine bay or was it direct swap (which i thought is unlikely)?
  8. Engine Reconditioning Questions

    under normal use, at what average mileage should the engine be re-built (or reconditioned)? i have an sr20det engine (black top) and had always been wondering when is the appropriate time to over-haul the engine apart from wanting better performance. it clocked only 105K. it runs as "normal" car but. yes, putting after-market forged internals, new seals, bearings, etc when i eventually will get it done - otherwise, upgrade to s15 as an option. is it a reasonable and economcal option?
  9. what can it be??

    more info required ???? can be anything where do you hear the thumping noise from? what makes you think it is the driveshaft?
  10. oil pressure question

    what does it mean if the oil pressure is LOWER or HIGHER than 22psi? and what should be done to keep it to the optimum or preferred level (i.e. what is the preferred pressure?
  11. Underbody zorst cover??

    yes, that's a heatshield. (if you look at it's cross-section, it's like half-circle clamped around the front-pipe, right? and if you noticed, it's supposed to have some traces of insulation over it which over time may already had disappeared.
  12. Engine Reconditioning Questions

    does anyone know workshops in Sydney that can do the same and with expertise on s13 - place where it will not cost an arm and a leg for labour? any indicative price for the whole lot or for labour only?
  13. S14a FUEL PUMP reinstall

    trav, try looking for jbonevia, he might be able to helpya.
  14. you might need to do more inspection in these areas. have you checked if the control unit works before you installed it? i don't know if this experience will help you: my passenger window wouldn't open using the button switch on the passenger side but would work from the driver side. so i thought it might had been either the window circuit from the passenger door or the button (lever switch) itself. after checking the circuit, i got convinced that it was ok thus i replaced the switch (since it works from the driver side) and after i simulated the pass. switch with a made-up one. ahah! it worked (for few days only tho). so i was back to where i was, until i discovered that the window switch malfunctions only when it was raining! so my original switch was working ok after all. it was a short circuit caused by water sipping through the window. d'king38034.1696180556
  15. Help please - Fuel Pump

    "wurble" ... hehe, i would like to hear that ! i actually read your post a few times but honestly, i could only visualise maybe around 30% or less of what you did without the pics. it will make a lot of difference when you get the pics tomorrow. but i could see the amount of effort exerted not only in installing your new pump but also your effort in describing it - well appreciated. it will be a very good item in the "articles section" once "visualised" in greater detail. btw, it's not a criticsm of your writing trav - excellent work. d'king38034.155150463