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  1. FRIENDS of an innocent teenager killed when caught in the path of street-racing hoons were the first to get to the horrific scene. The Riverland youth, 17, was killed while innocently turning into the path of two racing cars at Park Holme. "It's not a scene you see everyday," said Richard Beech. "We just headed out there hearing an accident had happened. To find out it was friends was shocking". The crash happened about 10.40pm at the intersection of Pildappa Ave, and Marion Rd. The innocent victim, driving a Mitsubishi sedan, was turning right and was hit by a Commodore sedan, one of two vehicles speeding north on Marion Rd. A black Nissan Sylvia involved in the race failed to stop at the scene of the crash. Major Crash Investigators are appealing to the driver of the Nissan to come forward. Two passengers in the Mitsubishi sedan and two occupants of the Commodore, including the driver, 24, were taken to the Flinders Medical Centre and are expected to survive their injuries. Anyone who witnessed the crash is asked to call BankSA Crime Stoppers number on 1800 333 000. The state's road toll now stands at 64 compared to 65 at the same time last year http://www.facebook....p#!/whoadelaide
  2. (this is jizzy) at that point, i had only looked into it a little bit. i looked up a few more details and examples today and it was a bit more involved then i first thought all in all i think its going to be easier and cheaper to just go for a decent fmic
  3. The Youtube Thread

    greatest acceptance speach.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALGmdX10Q9E&feature=player_embedded
  4. the employment thread

    work as a greek teacher && secretary while studying
  5. hey babesss

    hey babes, My names Mariia, and im from adelaide i dont have my license coz im mad lazy but yeahh, i have a Ford XC fairmont V8 which my uncle gave to me (mad rich *milkshake*) probs gona get a 180sx as a daily when i can be stuffed getting my license anywhooo jizzy made me sign up coz id always go on his account to perve on the chicks in the NWS section p.s yes i am a girl