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  1. Hey I have searched all over the place for info on these lights but can't find anything. Dos anyone know who makes them and where I can get them from.
  2. eBay seller help!

    I will contact PayPal, I left 2 messages and no reply at all
  3. Hey I bought a couple of items from a seller on eBay and I have paid and it was over a month and a half ago, the sellers user name is jdmbodytech . I am just wondering if anyone knows if this seller had a shop or someway I can get into contact Thanks
  4. I have a genuine aero bar but didn't want to track it so I got a fiberglass one from import monster. They might be able to track one down for u
  5. Just don't run a thermostat. Problem solved
  6. GPS tracking system

    Viper have a new system that I am wanting to get, you can track your car from your iphone or whatever smart phone u have , it will notify u when someone try's to break in it if a window is smashed. Also u can lock and unlock from your phone http://www.vipersecurity.com.au/smartstart-vsm250i
  7. This app is available for Victorians too
  8. At the end of the day if u go front diff in a silvia and u want a sr, you will still be doing the mounts and the alike, and it is the same deal if u drop a sr in a r32 gts4
  9. http://www.full-race.com/r14/skyline-conversion-pricing.php
  10. The kenyan Elephant.

    love it lol
  11. I hate people who take selflies, my fb is flooded with them. Also Instagram shots of food, I don't care what u r eating. And low ballers , it seems alot if people love to low ball that much that I should just give te item to them for free
  12. Box frame silvia - now with cage!

    Love the build, I wish I had the skill to do what you are doing
  13. Raising exhaust on s15

    I only did the mount near the diff and it stopped the exhaust scraping so I would say it would be 5mm or more
  14. Raising exhaust on s15

    I put a hose clamp over the rubber bracket and tightened it up so that it raised the clamp up a bit , you could try that