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  1. Need gone asap!

    For sale: AE86 stock rear bar 100$ Ae86 fibreglass ducktail wing 200$ Enkei mesh 13x7-1 4x114.3 $300 ono Pair Ssr mk3 13x7.5-8 4x114.3 $650 ono Pair Brand new Powered Bye Max Silvia rear drop knuckles Never used, never fitted Normal caliper mounts $600 ono S13 rear pods, oem plastic Red Average condition $150 ono JDI Performance modded knuckles for s15 $250 Need gone asap! Located nsw central coast Pm for more info /photos Wanted to buy!!! 2 way diff for s13 with 6 bolt stud axles, 4:3 ratio pref Vented bonnet for s13 Side mount seat brackets Drivers Rail for s13 pref to suit velo so side mount again
  2. Drive shafts?

    Will r34 6 bolt drive shafts work in a s13 with r200 and s13 subframe
  3. For sale S13 rear pods Red Average condition 200 ono Brand New PBM Silvia Rear Drop Knuckles, standard nissan calipers. Not used, not even fitted $600 ono Ssr mk3 & enkei mesh 13x7.5-8 & 13x7-1 Shit tyres 950 as a set or make an offer split up Pairs of each. Located NSW Central Coast
  4. New s15 front hubs?

    Cheers locky
  5. New s15 front hubs?

    Thanks p mod Yea i know about all that i allready have s15 knuckles/hubs/lcas ect /conversion in my 13. Weird frsport sell a hub seperate And 2 hubs together But if you buy the single hub twice it works out cheaper lol? Bye like 9$
  6. New s15 front hubs?

    From what site
  7. As per tilte, were are you buying them from Frsport Taarks Just jap ?
  8. Question reguarding steering setup

    Or maybe the rack isnt far enough forward for the balljpints to hit the lca?
  9. Question reguarding steering setup

    Nah just plain extended lol Only thing i can think of atm is rack isnt dead centre? Even tho turns are even But that doesnt make sense in saying
  10. Question reguarding steering setup

    Anything lol
  11. Hey guys just after some ideas/opinions reguarding my issue. Currently my steering set up is Rack moved forward 22mm New s13 rack Pbm tie rods Tein tie rod ends Bolt in/slip on spacer on passenger side Slip on on drivers side Jdi knuckles S15 lca lengthed 25mm with no lock stop Ive centered the rack and done a basic wheel alignment and im finding on full lock the tie rod end wont hit the lca, its just letting the rack bottom out which isnt ideal.. Caster rod hasnt been touch and i no this will affect the toe when i adjust it but would the effect the tie rod end hitting the lca as a stop? Obviously making a lock stop will solve my issue but im curious to see if anyone has can tell my why its not now, as speaking to the bloke from JDI he said he just lets the tie rod end hit the lca as a stop.
  12. Street/hoon behaviour penalties

    Hey mate! Has been indeed! All good haha just waiting my time. Should add to this 3 other guys i no were caught in the act Charged the same 2 cars impounded but 1 left to drive back because rego was not in his name. All 3 went to court, no solicitor, all let off with only good behaviour bond of 15 mths Goes to show you the difference in judges
  13. 1jz non vvti!

    Up for sale is my 1jz non vvti motor Complete motor with turbos ect. Loom And ecu Asking 1500$ but neg Located nsw central coast. Pls message as im not always on this site Matt 0481374381
  14. Street/hoon behaviour penalties

    Was heaps stupid to record when plates are visable, lesson learnt the hard way
  15. Street/hoon behaviour penalties

    Had laywer, had refrences ect work ref pretty well said if i loose my licence i loose my job which may or may not be true yet.. Drivers offenders course wasnt even suggested either. Judge said i had the best traffic record on the coast he has seen for a p plater and then throws - year at me :/ No good lol Supprised they didnt take the car for longer LOZ Now days in nsw at least it min 3 months which = to about 2000$ not inc fine and other fees