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  1. getting inpounded

    scare tactits just thats it
  2. camber tops need some help.

    yeah thanks guys well the bolts are all fine i got tein cambertops but some jap name coilovers so yeah there in but makeing a clunk noise think i gotta ajust the springs dunno ill work sumthn out
  3. Hey guys i got some Tein cambertops but i got some jap coilovers dont know what brand some weird ones just wanted to know what do cambertops do and do they fit any springs/coilovers ?? cheers.. 180kid!
  4. My '97 180sx Typex

    gotta get the type x bar and lower lip man and its sweet,
  5. tmu/booze bus

    neither did i poor girl
  6. THE slide

    yeah i workd there aswell and saw it is back dam
  7. gooo the whitee best colour going around!
  8. premium fuel or unleaded?

    i use bp ultimate straight across the road
  9. i got a type x and i want a s15 spec R but thats me i already got the type x!
  10. new guy

    maby he ment the s14 non turbo motor is in the s13? o_O
  11. Fast And The Furious 4

    yeah nothing beats tokyo Drift
  12. Oldies in Imports

    yeah seen a few in the s13
  13. Why am I black mum?

    HAHAHa nice jokeee

    i liek it
  15. swine flu

    golden hahaaa