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  1. Will probably keep updating this as I dig more parts out of the shed that I no longer need ... All parts located southside Brisbane. Text 0427 300 096 or PM N2 Flares (Used Originals) and N2 Pods (NEW Japanese reproducions) to suit S13 - $500 Flares are in good condition, but are off a racecar so show wear and tear. Only one crack, very easy to fix. Pods are brand new and sit over the top of the flares. Paid lots. NEW S13 Yashio Factory Air Diversion Plate - $200 Air diversion plate to suit 180SX and Silvia (depending on grille). Never fitted, minor surface marks from storage - anodisation still perfect. Long discontinued. NEW Yashio Factory S13/S14 Coil Pack Harness - $200 Oka-Chan coil pack harness. Runs a separate relay and power source to boost spark. Gold plated contacts. Never used, still in box.
  2. My word, the forum classifieds are back! ------------------------------------------------------------------ A good friend of mine's, partner's father (bear with me) has been working on a few high-power drag racing builds for a few years now, and he's now clearing out his surplus parts. I'm really posting these items as a favour to my friend, but also you guys as I genuinely think there's some good deals to be had amongst these parts. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Contact Details: Tim on OFourO1 180 472 - please list what you are texting about Worst Case Conatact; I can be contacted on 0Four27 300 096 - Remember I don't have access to the parts, but I will make sure that you can get in touch with Tim. Location: Pickup from Brisbane city during the day or Ascot night/weekends Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: If you can organise it - heavy items Lowballers will know where to go, but I think there's some room for negotiation here. Unforuntaly I'm slightly light on the part specifics here, just working on the information I've been given. If you post any questions or quiries here though, I'll chase it up with the owner. Item 1: Toyota Carolla 4AGE Arias Pistons and Carrillo Rods Price: $1,800 Condition: New - never used Item 2: Procharger Blow Off Valve Price: $500 Condition: New - never used Item 3: Tomei Pistons for SR20DET, Gold plated rings, ceramic coated tops, teflon coated skirts Price: $700 Condition: Minimal use - coating done after Item 4: Tomei sump Price: $350 SOLD pending pickup Condition: New - never used Item 5: Rollmaster SR20 gear sets (x2) Price: $250 per set Condition: New - never used Item 6: GFB EX50 wategate Price: $600 Condition: New - never used Item 7: Garett T04Z turbo and dump pipe Price: $1,500 Condition: Minor use - 5 hours on a dyno - run in use Item 8: Tomei rods for SR20, I beam, with uprated Carrillo SPS Carr bolts - Standard stroke as far as I'm aware Price: $1,200 Condition: New - never used Item 9: Tomei rods for SR20, H beam, with uprated Carrillo SPS Carr bolts - Standard stroke as far as I'm aware Price: $1,200 Condition: New - never used Item 10: HKS T51R turbo Price: $3,200 Condition: New - never used (this thing is beautiful) Item 11: JE Pistons for SR20 - I think designed for a VE Head? Price: $450 Condition: Minor use Item 12: JE Race Pistons for 2JZ 3.2L stroker Price: Sold Condition: New - never used Item 13: AFCO aluminium radiator, twin fans, made in USA Price: $350 Condition: New - never used Item 14: Darton sleeves for SR20 (2 sets) Price: $450 each set Condition: New - never used Item 15: Haltech Platinum 2000 with full loom for SR20, Price: $2000 Condition: New - never used Item 16: XR8 rear LSD, 35 spline spool, diff centre with steel caps, 2xratios - 4.1 and 3.7 Price: $2,000 Condition: Used - good condition (spool is new) Item 17: R200? Diff housing Price: $120 Condition: Used - good condition Item 18: Intercooler - built to handle the 900hp Datto ute (300x600mm and 75mm thick) Price: $350 Condition: Very good condition Item 19: 350Z brakes to suit Brembo's - RDA slotted discs and Greenstuff pads - front and rear Price: $600 Condition: Used - 5000km old Item 20: SR20 VE head Price: $1,800 Condition: Used - P11 Head, pretty much complete. Does come with an intake manifold, which I believe is foward facing - will clarify for anyone interested. Item 21: R32 GTR Front calipers Price: $300 for the pair Condition: Used Item 22: SR20DET blocks x3 Price: $350 each Condition: Used but good condition - light surface rust in some areas which can be buffed off
  3. old school s13s?

    It's from Top Stage.
  4. IACV/AAC tube routing S15 SR20DE(R)

    I'm not aware of their being any difference between the turbo IACV/AAC and the item featured in the NA engine, but I honestly can't see it being an issue even if there is a change, especially when it's unlikely to see a great deal of boost. I mean, I'm just taking a guess here but I'd figure you'd probably be keeping the boost at like 6PSI tops. In terms of the positioning, I'd probably suggest keeping it on the cold side to be honest, and attempting to mimic the factory setup as much as possible. I'm not sure how you're going to setup the supercharger (whether it's going to be intake or exhaust side mounted), but if you do get stuck, it's not unheard of in enclosed ITB or supercharged setups to remote mount the valve onto a small box (like a catch can) and simply run lines into your intake manifold. Just an idea if you're getting short on space intake side. Would love to hear more info and see progress on the setup too! SC14?
  5. Epic car fail thread

    They look like falcon lights. Very confusing.
  6. old school s13s?

  7. S13 SR20DE cooling upgrades

    If it's actually an Autech engine, I'd also just check that it's not detonating, as that will bring up the temps a fair bit. I'm also in the camp that believes that you shouldn't really need an aftermarket rad on a DE. Even after a few grip laps at QR on the national circuit, at mid-day, I think the highest I ever saw was like 92*. GKTech fan also made a difference in traffic. I now don't really get it up above about 77* cruising around town (60-80 zones).
  8. New PC Build - After some thoughts

    Only thing I would change from Chappy's list is the power-supply. I still recommend power-supplies with a single 12v rail when you're running a single graphics card. If it were my money: http://www.pccasegea...4&products_id=17209 If your having trouble finding the price difference, I would look at a slightly more affordable package of RAM: http://www.pccasegea...oducts_id=18886 As an example. Unless your overclocking, I don't really find that there is a substantial difference performance with RAM frequency, as long as the timings are fairly tight. I mean, there a few other little things, like I don't normally lean towards Gigabyte motherboards or MSI video cards, but that's just unfounded brand bias lol.
  9. how is my car still running?

    Well .... Haha, that's so damn awesome!
  10. Roof spoilers for s13

    I was actually lying, just in-case I could fit this to my own car. Oh well, would be cool for anyone with a '90s style 180sx; http://page5.auction...tion/e137101447 Edit: Well I think it's for the rear anyway ...
  11. S13 fitment help

    I'd say 700 - 800 is fair. Center caps aren't too hard to attain from Japan if you wanted them later too. Just bear in mind that, whilst this isn't pushing the envelope as to what is possible with an S13, you won't fly under the police radar either. If you really wanted "granny style" you really want either 6.5j +10ish offset, 7J +20ish offset or 7.5j +30ish offset. Still, they will look pretty cool when fitted up.
  12. S13 fitment help

    With a bit of camber on the front those will sit pretty nicely. Rears will need a fair bit of camber, but still not hard to fit under stock guards. On the rear, the outer lip position will almost be the same as 8 inch 0 offset, which is a fairly common size/offset for an S13.
  13. Roof spoilers for s13

    Cheers mate.
  14. Roof spoilers for s13

    Bumping an old thread; Is there a large difference between the glass shape of a 180sx vs S13 Silvia? Could you interchange a roof wing between the two?
  15. s13 dash

    Would not bang. Doesn't look to bad to me. Without the gauge holes, $60? If the plastic colour was better matched, $80? $100? I have no idea what they are worth. I guess it would be different if I already had a cracked dash though.