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  1. 10 years

    i just logged in to say....holy shit it has been 10 years! i was looking at old photos and found photos of my old 180sx ....sigh.. such memories!
  2. I need some help!! A friend of mine wants some assistance doing a short animation for her friends wedding. Normally I do video but drawing is not strong point. I'm wondering if any kind soul out there would be willing to help with the drawings? There are not many, and the video doesn't involve any actual frame by frame animation but the characters will be posed a certain way depending on the scene. let me know if you can help, don't have much money but willing to negotiate.
  3. seriously cannot wait for the new games to come out! though my new pc will be outdated by then! but MGS for PS3, dying for it!!!! for anyone who is interested: http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/gamesblog/2012/may/23/hideo-kojima-interview-part-1 http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/gamesblog/2012/may/24/hideo-kojima-interview-part-2 awesome read, its just about Hideo and how he grew up and you can see why he loves cinematics in MGS cause his parents love film too!
  4. On a recent overseas trip my camera gear got stolen. super sad face =( i'm getting it all replaced as they were all insured but i couldn't help but notice that i felt so much lighter without my DSLR, i've always travelled with an SLR and this time i felt free without the burden! so it got me thinking, what if i got a lighter camera just for travelling. anyone recommend a good lightweight camera and i don't want point and shoot so I was looking at something like the Fujifilm X100 or one of the mirrorless cameras like the Sony or Olympus but then with those I'd probably have extra lenses so, leaning on the Fuji X100 as a good contender. i read that rangefinders are good for travelling. Key things i'm looking for are to be able to shoot in RAW and have full manual control when I to. budget is between $1500 - $2000, I did see that Leica are releasing the X2 soon as well.
  5. The Android thread

    just picked up the transformer prime. its so slick, esp with the keyboard, acts just like a computer! first android device for me. a bit lost at what to do aside from the obvious stuff. anyone got good apps, etc they recommend and any good tips.
  6. yeah that sounds about r ight!!! thanks for ur help!
  7. I've started using a fitness app on my iPhone called, endomodo. Just curious on how accurate these apps are at telling you how many calories you've burnt. I don't expect pinpoint accuracy but after walking 2.5km in about 30 mins at an avg pace of 4.8kph it says I've burnt 176kcal. Is that pretty close to real? Now that's 1760cal? Cause it can't be 176000cal. Also anyone use any really good fitness apps they recommend? And is it worth getting something like Nike+ or a heart rate monitor.
  8. Zilla in-car computer App

    after i posted this i saw a thread just below about the same thing. lol looks like its been made.
  9. Zilla in-car computer App

    you know what would be awesome, if you could record video with it as well. so you'd mount the iphone somewhere on the windscreen to get a good camera angle, then record and as you record the video it'll record all the telemetry stuff, then you can review the video, and it'll overlay the data for you. its highly unlikely that while driving hard on a track you'd have the time to watch the meters. if the data logging is really accurate it'd would make a cheap way to help people watch every corner they take and see exactly whats happening. hook it up to some bluetooth device that can help with the data logging maybe wireless tyre pressure monitors (similar to a heart monitor that people wear during exercise, etc). and if you could marry it up with car data like, engine/oil temps, etc. even if the extra hardware cost like $300, if you already had and iphone, $300 + $5 for the app is nothing given what it could possibly give you back in data. pretty similar to how fitness trackers use GPS to map where your running on a track and show you where you dipped, etc.
  10. Think before running from police

    so its ok to act the fool and kill an innocent person? so its perfectly ok in your books that someone like martin bryant decided to kill all those people because he was crazy? oh yeah. life is so fair. lets save and protect all the crazy people because the human race will be so much better for it. if you killed someone, i would NOT recommend you get the death penalty. thats the easy way out. live with it for the rest of your life and realise that if you are suffering from depression to get help. yeah i know its a difficult issue, people don't even know they suffer from depression. but i don't care which way you want to look at it if you killed someone innocent minding their own business, that just makes your life worth a little bit less to me.
  11. Think before running from police

    Just like anything else in life, you will always get the bad eggs whether they be police officers on a power trip or an idiot adolescent driver who drive dangeriously and/or don't obey the laws. Police have a hard job to do, so I respect those that do their job properly and fairly. God knows if I was cop and had to put up with the amount of fk heads out there I probably would've shot someone already! haha!! I used to drive a modified 180 for about 4-5 years, and not once did i ever cop a defect and I got pulled over quite often, if a police car ever pulled up behind me while I was sitting at the lights I knew as soon as the lights went green, they would put their lights on and pull me over. Its all about your attitude, I doubt the amount I got pulled over for 'random' checks I just got lucky and got a nice cop. Got pulled over by highway patrol once, guy was pretty full on checking everything he could. I just played nice, spoke to him while he was checking the car, when he went back to the cop car I just spoke to his partner about whatever. Then they told me to go back in my car while they went back to theirs. I thought I was going to cop a defect for sure, but he just came back told me to car was too low and that i had to change my tyres. no fine, no defect. Its all about attitude. be nice, be polite. they're just doing their job, don't go acting like a hero because they pulled you over. and to the original topic, if you run of the police and end up dying because you ran into a pole or god forbid you also killed someone minding their own business. you deserve it. end of story.
  12. few years back when i was working two jobs, my second job was starting to shit me. they knew i worked full time already and told them i'm only able to work at night and not too long, they kept asking me to work longer shifts and got cut when i had to turn them down every now and then. anyways, after about 6 months, one night I got totally wasted with friends at a club and i was working in the morning the next day. couldn't be fked. so i called up and said "i'm not coming in" and the guy on the phone was like "why not? you sick?" and I replied, "nah, i quit" lol guy didn't know what to say! and that was that!
  13. yeah i'll probably just grab them a crumpler bag each. take em to choose? they might choose the most expensive one! lol it was thing back in 95-99 i think to have the 'extreme' bag or the country road one, the rich bastards had both. lol
  14. i'm looking to buy xmas presents for my younger brothers but not sure what deemed 'cool' these days. one is in year 12 and the other is in year 10. now, back in my DAY (fk i'm old) the caribee 'extreme' bags and the country road bags were all the rage, you had to have em. so whats cool these days? i'm looking at some crumpler backpacks but not sure what else is "in"