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    Last friday was at the lights with something similar to this but dark green..... the guy said it had an SR in it and weighed 650kg, ridiculous. Just today there was a marron s14 with black rims in my street in black rock with some guys hanging out the front of their house. They then booted it down the road, all I could hear was limiter and wheelspin. Nice one, you genius.
  2. That f**king blows. Surely the sherriff could seize his car for costs to you? So will you get nothing at all, or payment plan even? From what his wife says it sounds like they have insurance? Similar thing happened to me but it didnt go so far. Uninsured driver hit me, wrote off my car. I had third party and got the 3k off just car insurance, but it took 6 months to get any money off the guy. He was a slippery f**ker, I called him every few days for six months checking on his progress in getting a loan to pay me my money, generally putting the heat on him. He didnt start to get serious until I put a submission into VCAT (or similar) for a hearing. I think I was lucky to get the money in the end. Good luck.
  3. New Classifieds

    GET RID OF THE SHIT BOOSTCRUISING ADS! Or give us the option to only display ads posted on ns.
  4. New Classifieds

    I'm the same. I don't usually comment on this sorta stuff either, but this change is absurd. I don't want to have trawl through 400 pages of boostcruising bullshit parts for their mothers 83 pulsars in order to find something of interest. Another reason why I rarely visit this site these days. At least least give us the option. Surely you had already reached a balance between revenue streams from the website and user interaction/approval. Stop trying to appeal to the mass market, and keep it a niche site!
  5. My old 180.....Was going straight through an intersection at 60km/hr and a guy coming the other way just did a right turn infront of me. He was uninsured, took 8 months to get the money off him. Pushed the wheel right into the footwell, left a tiny gap (as you can see) which i had to pry my two legs out of, almost severley damaged them. Was such a pristine car, shame.
  6. Hey, Currently in my car I have some pioneer splits, the main speakers seems to have given up but tweeters are ok. I have some clarion splits which I want to just put the main speakers from and attach to the pioneer tweeters, as I can't find the tweeters for the clarions. Both sets of speakers just have an inline crossover sorts thing not one of those huge separate tunable box crossovers of you get me. Would it be ok if I just wired the pioneer tweeters to the. Larkin main speakers? All just running off headunit. Not going for perfect sound just want better than my blown speakers now. Thanks
  7. Thanks for the advice. I was just worried if there was a difference in wattage and it causing damage or anything.
  8. ok, i myself am getting very sick and tired of people who are mainly selling their cars and dont know how to post up pics. It has been discussed many times, but this time im gonna make it real clear so no one should have to ask again! Hopefully this can become a sticky or something. I know 90% of you know how to post pics up in threads, but to the ones who dont iv made this little tutorial for you. HOW TO POST PICS IN THREADS! 1) First thing you need to know is you CANNOT link pictures directly from your hard drive. You need to have your picture on a website on the net. Dont panic though, just because you dont have your own website, there are hundreds of places on the net where you can upload pics to so everyone can see, dont worry they are FREE lol. A good hosting site is PHOTOBUCKET i strongly suggest you use them!! 2) When you are in Photobucket you need to create a new account. Click on the "sign up free button" as illustrated in the picture below. 3) Now that you have made your account, log into it and you can start uploading your pics to the server. Once you are logged in, click on "My album" as seen below 4) Now time to upload the pics to the site. Once you are in your album, click the "browse" button and find the picture on your computer you want to share. Then click the "submit" button and wait for the picture to be uploaded. 5) Once you have uploaded them, all the pictures should appear just below the submit button in your album. 6) Below each picture, there are three lines of text. The URL, TAG and IMG info. All you need to worry about is the URL line. Highlight all the text in this line, and copy it by pressing control + c. 7) Once youv copied it, go to ns.com or wherever you are posting the pic on. Start a new thread and when you want to add the picture in your post click the grey "IMG" button above the text box. Type in the URL of the pic you want to post which you copied from your album in photobucket, and click "OK" 8) Submit the post and your all done!!! I cant believe i just did that, but it was really annoying me how no one selling their car knows how to post up pics, because this will really help boost your sale. Anyway, hope you enjoyed it and it comes in handy, and if you cant post a pic up after this then you really need help because i made it so even retards can understand how to do it with the obvious pics etc. lol. Maybe this could be a stickey?? Sorry for the large pics but i have to make it clear. Anyway, ENJOY!!
  9. Hi, Quick questions regarding flushing the coolant in my CA. Using this 'how to' as a guide http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=190172 1. In reference to step 11, does this mean put the hose into the inlet of the heater core itself (the pipe that is in the firewall) to flush out the heater core? 2. The CA manual says there is a cylinder block drain screw, not sure where this is exactly? Is it used just to drain and not bleed the air out (i know SR's have a bleed screw). 3. After step 11, do you simply allow ALL hose water to drain out of the system before doing up the plugs and filling with coolant, or is it ok to have some still in the block etc? Wont it dilute the coolant too much if so? Thanks and excuse the dumb questions.
  10. Aircon woes

    Howd you go with this? Im after a regass/retrofit of the new system but natrad quoted me $265! Located south eastern suburbs, need somewhere that will convert or regass whatever i dont care for a reasonable price.
  11. Contiki tours

    Contiki = f**king gross.
  12. hello, My brother has an old gxe r30 or something skyline. His battery was dead so his neighbour connected a battry charger to the battery while still connected to the car, but the idiot crossed the terminals. There was a puff of smoke. Now my brother put a new battery in, cars starts but no electrics work (lights, tacho, etc). Im assuming that simply a fuse has blown (or more than one) since the car starts and runs ok, and was a result of the dipshit crossing the terminals? My brother has no mechanical knowledge/interest in cars and he lives 45 mins away from me so i dont have access to the car but might go over later if i can. Also if someone can link me to a service manual that would be great. Thanks, Will.
  13. Crossed battery terminals

    ^^Awesome, thanks again for your help! Appreciate it.
  14. Crossed battery terminals

    Thanks for all your help mandi. Still a bit confused since im not familiar with fusible links and dont have the car to look at, just that photo and i cant find a service manual anywhere! Anyway its getting late now, my brother is just going to take it to an auto elec tomorrow. Plus i dont really feel confident enough to replace it considering its not my car. Would it be safe to drive around with the fusible link blown? He has to pick up his girlfriend form the airport real early in the morning, or is it best not to drive it until the link is repaired? also, how much would he be looking at to get it repaired at an auto elec, roughly?
  15. Crossed battery terminals

    This part confused me. Sorry i dont know much about fusible links. If i go to autobarn and get one will it come with wire and a plug, then i just cut off the old plug and a little bit of wire and solder the new one on?
  16. Crossed battery terminals

    Ok been doing some research and it seems that ^^^ above is most likely the problem? The fusible link looks pretty burnt out. Now, how to replace?
  17. Crossed battery terminals

    He sent me this pic... http://www.freeimagehosting.net/09c02 Not what i had in mind. Or is there a fuse in the thing that that plug connects to? It came off the bracket thing that connects to the positive battery terminal, has two of these plugs into it. Its a bit hard to do this without the car infront of me and with my limited electrical knowledge. So where exactly is this 'main fuse'?? please help asap need to get this sorted today!
  18. Crossed battery terminals

    On the phone to him, got him to check the main fuse which is on the positive cable. There were two of them and one of them is fried. I assume this is the one? He is having problems removing it, hes sending me a photo to see if i can understand what hes talking about hah.
  19. Headlight removal

    Cheers luv...very helpful...guessing you have the IQ of a fruitfly because you are unable to answer the question. Here's an idea...why dont you go play barbie dolls on the nearest freeway. Tool of the week!!! congrats He's serious. To seperate the lense from the headlight itself you put the headlight in the oven at a low temperature and the lense will then be easy to remove. http://www.mkiv.com/techarticles/headlights/index.html
  20. Hi, Decided to make a boost leak tester out of some stuff around the house, similar to this... However i dont have any silicon hose, so its just pvc pipe. My pipe will fit into the intake pipe when i take off the pod filter. However, before pressurizing the system will i have to block off the breather hose that goes from the intake pipe to the rocker cover? Or am i going to have to get some silicon pipe/hose so i can clamp my device directly onto the turbo inlet? Thanks.
  21. Bost leak testing

    Thanks for the link but making the tester is simple really. It says in the link that. 1psi drop per second is a good result, no leaks etc. But if there were no leaks wouldn't it hold the pressure? Or do you have to give some allowance for the air that escapes past the rings (provided you haven't blocked off the pipe at the throttle body). Is that right? Sorry for the noob questions.
  22. Bost leak testing

    Awesome thanks for that. What size is the hot pipe? 2inch or 2.25? Is it necessary to block off the throttle body pipe if the throttle is closed? And if I open up the throttle while pressurizing the system will that allow me to test for leaks in the vac lines off the throttle body? Would I need to block anything else? Can I put the tester straight onto the turbo inlet or is it better to do it from the hot pipe as you outlined?
  23. ca18det Intercooler upgrade?

    How much boost could that safely handle for a daily?
  24. Hello, One of my headlights on my 180 has blown. I like to keep my car as standard/OEM and legal as possible and have never had the urge to 'upgrade' the headlights. But now since one has blown im looking at my options. I have done a fair bit of searching on NS and online on this. Basically i three options: 1. Replace globe with standard filament globe. Cheap and keep legal, but poor light. 2. Get something like a Phillips halogen globe like this: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/H4-Philips-Crystal-Vision-4300K-Halogen-Globes-bulbs-/110709517878?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item19c6cd2e36 Are these halogen globes legal? Wouldnt be looking at getting anything over 4300k. How do they go with glare to oncoming traffic? 3. Fit HIDs. Main thing here is that they will definitely be illegal, as 180s were never designed with them from the factory. Plus theres the issue of the outrageous glare i have read about to oncoming traffic as the 180 headlamps arent designed for HIDs. If i got something like this though, would it help as they are 'projecter headlamps' http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/89-98-Nissan-180SX-S13-Clear-Projector-Headlights-/260867392425?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item3cbce883a9 Im not asking you guys to choose for me. Trying to find out if option 2 is legal and peoples experiences with these halogen globes (ie- should i get 4000k, 4300k or 5000k?, do they emit any glare to oncomming traffic like HIDs do?). Also i would need to replace my parkers if i went with options 2 or 3. From what i read LEDs are the best option? Are these T10's? Again will these be legal if theyr not some outrageous blue colour? Or can i get a different type of globe which will match headlights but be legal? Please excuse some dumb questions, this is the first time im learning about all this. Will.
  25. 180sx headlight bulbs

    Been getting conflicting reports about if crystal visions actually have any blue tinge to them so dont know what to do hah. Probably keep the blue visions i suppose.