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  1. Mates setup on his/ TD06 L2 20G 8cm with TINY front housing.
  2. What's differences between having your car higher vs lower in the rear?
  3. Spring rates: rb25 sil80

    I like my 10's and 8's with dampers lower.
  4. NA S13 racing series

    It should include R32 NAs as well as even though they are 6 cyl they are heavier.
  5. My C33 Laurel

  6. Aussies 5 mins of fame

    Post fail?
  7. Sportal F1 Dream Team 2011

    How do you choose your drivers?
  8. I Need help fellas

    XT7s if they have epic concave if not then get the other ones.
  9. Can i get a turbO?

    If your on the old laws in WA then it should be ok? But why not keep the WA?
  10. Nistune= No Immobilizer

    I dont think it would anyway.
  11. power mods for 3k

    Spitfire coilpacks $450 walbro fuel pump $200 full exhaust $800 Nistune and tune $1000
  12. r33 dying at random times

    Sounds like AFM is stuffing up. Try another and see how it goes. Had the same in my laurel which was also causing it to run rich (your fuel smell) as well as it wouldnt start straight away, and this would allways happen randomly.