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  1. S14 Parts, S14, Gtr - $200

    Price : $200 Condition : Used Got a few s14 parts for sale S14a rear bar in jungle green $150 S14a passenger door $275 complete or $80 fr the door shell, $120 for the reg, $100 for the motor and $ 50 for the glass Top stage s14a front lip has a few cracks but nothing zipties or a it of quick glass work can't fix $120 S14a factory air box with snorkel with a near new k&n panel filter worth nearly 150 itself.....$ 250 Also have some factory cooler piping, bov, and the side mount cooler available... Make an offer Pair of s15 seats in great condition no tears or anything $500 S14 rear seats great condition $150S14 rear seatbelts $50 a side with buckles Also have standard s14 sway bars front and rear... $80 for both Factory s14 castor, camber and toe arms... $ 50 a pair S14 oil pump / timing cover.... Great condition $100 Also have a vented s1 s14 fiberglass bonnet ... $200 Also have a R32 GTR steering wheel or sale... These are extremely hard to find now and are going for 500+ There is a Lil wear on the top from sun but apart from that it's in great condition for its age and still has the horn button$350 ono Txt me on [0410130747] for more info as I don't get on here much CheersDan
  2. Who has had this problem before ?

    Check your intake pipe isn't collapsing on itself... Same thing happened I mine and took ages to realise that was the problem.... Exactly the same flat spot as your getting... It won't be your afm! If it was the car wont rev past 2500
  3. Is e the stradias in my 14 and love em did a cruise for a few hours and no pains at all when I get out I just put my hand on the Sil panel and push up a Lil bit ... Easy as pie Eunos take out the bottom cushions.... I found I sit way to high with them in and my legs hit the wheel as well.... Yeh u end up sitting on the shell but I found it a lot more comfortable plus sitting lower In the seat gave me more support and I'm about your size too 6'1 and 110kg
  4. S14 Dash Gauge Pods?

    I found one a while back that was in the states.... Was for a lhd Sil though but you could special order the rhd model was about 100 bucks posted to AUS Can't remember for the life of me where I found it was most likely on eBaymotors.com or in zilvia.net
  5. Track S series

    Here's one of the build I've been following from south Africa http://nissanroadracing.com/showthread.php?t=2344
  6. S14 sr won't rev past 5k

    Well problem is fixed I got a mate to make me up a stainless intake which looks the goods now and problem is solved The factory pipe didn't have the spring inside it.. Not sure if it even had one as the base was ribbed which looked like it was designs to stop it sucking closed ect but oh we'll Problem solved close thread please
  7. S14 sr won't rev past 5k

    Sooo after a total of about 30+ hours searching and reading forums ect and checking multiple times on sensors and voltage reading from every part of the engine I thInk I've found the problem A guy on zilvia has the exact problem I do ...... Metal intake pipe solved it So upon inspection my stock rubber pipe looks like a mashed vadge and appears to be sucking closed on full throttle runs which it causing power to cut after 5k whereas if I slowly creep up with the throttle it will reach limiter Stupid like is sucking itself closed soooooooooo anyone got a metal intake pipe with bov return they want to sell?
  8. Ka24de ute problems!

    Chain tensioner could be stuffed and might have made it jump a tooth or it's rubbing on the metal if it's loose....
  9. S14 sr won't rev past 5k

    On the GC mate
  10. S14 sr won't rev past 5k

    Yeh I've got a mate bringing a scanner around to see if we can get some codes off the ecu plus I just got ahold of the Nissan data scan software so I'll try that out and give it a run to see exactly what is cutting out Will also double check all the voltage reading s on cas and tps ect / try my spares and finally put my new spitfires on but I have a feeling it won't work And and last but not least find another ecu to try out..... Anyone got a spare s14a ecu lying around?
  11. S14 sr won't rev past 5k

    Yep they are all sweet nice and clean tubes al seated properly.... Even tested the spark out against the rocker which is nice and strong Does anyone know anything about this gearbox sensor for 5th? I'll be reading through the service manual tonight looking for all the Lil things it could be but so far it's got me stumped and it's shitting me big time lol
  12. S14 sr won't rev past 5k

    Yeh just have normal coil packs which are in factory position.... Plugs were changed and are good.... Ecu is standard Have checked, doubled checked and triple checked all piping ect and it's all good . When it hits 5 k the car acts as If u have just taken ur foot completely off the throttle and you lunge forward like a fuel cut almost
  13. Ka24de ute problems!

    If its fine when u unplug the maf sensor I would say that's your culprit .... Pretty comming think I the states with all the ka motors there.... Best bet for more info is head over to Zilvia.net
  14. S14 sr won't rev past 5k

    Negative been through 2 full tanks of 98 and changed fuel filter beforehand with the full service of everything before I drove it
  15. Hi guys After many hours of fishing through a numerous amount of forums from all over the world I'm still baffled by my problem I have a 98 s2 s14 which I've just recently got back on the road and after a week of driving to make sure everything was ok I gave it a bit of a squirt ..... What happens is in first the car revs out to 6k then feels like a fuel cut sets in and all power is lost as the car free revs up to 7k and won't rev again till its drops down to about 3k Same thing with 2nd 3rd and 4th gears but it cuts at about 5-5.5k I've just changed the fuel pump to a walbro 255plh as I thought mayb fuel pump was a problem but no change apart from the car idling a lot smoother Mods are the fuel pump, fmic, fpr, and a s15 2560 turbo with adj actuator... No boost solenoid Car was sweet before taking it off the road for 5 months and all that changed was a new o2 sensor, clutch and fluids all round along with turbo gaskets ect My research has found a lot of similar problems in the US with people finding the cas, tps and 5th gear sensor? Being the problem.... My cas and tps are sweet all gbox plugs are good too And it's not the afm as its going over 2.5k Wtf is wrong with it? I'm almost at the point of burning it but apart from that it's a dream to drive and it perfect untill I hit that 5-6k rev range Any help is greatly appreciated Carter