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  1. Haha thanks man it's our little work rig
  2. Sorry to dig up old thread Did you go to most recent one? Trying to find pics of a red Morris ute that was parked next to green mclaren
  3. Wedding car ideas

    Closer south near Darlington
  4. Wedding car ideas

    Yeah been trying to find some of them and also looking at ford gtho also
  5. Wedding car ideas

    Hey guys I'm trying to find out what options might be available for wedding cars in Adelaide Me and the mrs are both rev heads and would love to incorporate some decent cars into the event. We have to move 5 guys and 6 girls in two trips It's gonna be hard to get 6 passengers into one car so might need two unless people have ideas Let me know!!
  6. High horsepower evo

    Aircon has been deleted These Evos run a balance shaft but this has also been removed when they built the engine. Possible cause perhaps
  7. High horsepower evo

    Yeah very bizarre It had another 2 fracture in two different places Would horsepower be a factor in this do you think?
  8. High horsepower evo

    Will post one Monday when I'm with car
  9. High horsepower evo

    Alignment is fine And it has legit torn the surface where the belt sits on the pulley Effected pulley is a flat type that grips on the back of a belt. Since this pose I have spoken to an evo specialist and he thinks that the pulley has worn out and has just torn due to being thinned out
  10. High horsepower evo

    Hey guys Recently did timing belt and water pump etc on a mates evo7 jap spec This things had extensive engine work done (stroker kit, anti lag, cams, e85 etc) Pushing close to 400 at the wheels Within a month it has torn the water pump pulley. Is there any reason why it would have done this and is there anyway with the new pulley to avoid it happening again. I'm guessing the water pump can't keep up with the flow rate of the water going past it but yeah bit stumped. Any help is great Thanks
  11. Sa active members role call

    TEN πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
  12. Sa spotted thread

    Ah yes good ol days !! Now we wait...
  13. Sa active members role call

    You know me man πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘πŸ½ lol
  14. Sa active members role call

    Would be awesome to get everyone's number and have a group of us to go out Would be great to find someone who had access to a carpark with a boom gate or something and then have a invite only event having to hand over an invite in return for entry That way no falcodores would be there lol Like I said guys just spitballing here but would be keen to contribute in anyway to help raise the Adelaide car scene again and try to get the secret beauties out of the garages where they have been sitting between all jap day each year lol