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  1. Headlights not working?

    Basically was just going through the different connectors and giving them all a thorough cleaning
  2. Newbie

    Looks good mate where abouts are you from
  3. 1989 180sx owner

    Yep still some here haha
  4. South Australian Supra Club Meet & Greet

    Should do this again sometime
  5. Looking for my old 180

    End up finding it?
  6. Adelaide Dyno Tuners

    Hey man! Good to see some people on here still haha what ecu you running? I know it shouldnt matter too much but places “specialise” in tuning certain ecu brands. Probably just recommend you go to jaustech to be honest!

    +1 to confirm if MAF is legit ! I havent got any experience with nisstune but sounds like you have the software for it. Are you able to see live data whilst driving?
  8. I think you answered your question in your question lol depending what its being used for you could run a standard s15 diff but would need to change driveshafts i think or run a 2 way or run a welded diff if just for track
  9. Unfortunately not going to be easy id be trying either genuine through dealer. That should get you a number and then message taarks and see if they can get it in? Failing that might be best to get a windscreen mob to help out
  10. S14 to S15 Conversion

    Agreed oem parts fit best!!... but not in this case. You can use oem fenders but you need to get s14 and s15 fenders and merge them together from memory. Because of this people tend to go the fibreglass route because its easier but because fibreglass kits come from a mould they are never perfect What i would be doing is fit the kit and then take down to a crash repairer and get them to shape the kit better as a whole if that makes sense
  11. Lexus is200

    Appreciate the help man but this was 3 years ago now lol the car has since been sold for a supra
  12. If you take one piece off they usually have a sticker or a stamp on the inside which may help
  13. help remove turbo timer s15

    Yep either will be plug and play or spliced. If spliced just cut the wiring where its been joined into and tape up