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  1. Sa active members role call

    So a few years later and we have done nothing! Shame on us boys!
  2. Help plzzzzz 2jz-ge what is this do I need it

    Post is a bit unclear but yes that looks like a thermal controller for fans
  3. SR20det grinding noise and no boost

    Sounds turbo related when you put new one on check oil feed lines to turbo for blockages!!
  4. Not sure what to do

    Yep agreed Keep old engine on a stand and do the stroker plus what ever else while you can still drive the car then
  5. New from Ireland

    Forum is a bit quiet at the moment but there is certainly almost everything you need to know here. Hundreds and hundreds of helpful diys and how tos
  6. timing chain replacement?

    Nah should be same principal as vl may i ask why your changing it? if its because of a rattle id be looking into replacing vct first!
  7. Error Code on stereo - S15

    Most cars allow 1-3 goes then lock out for 15-20 mins
  8. Constant power for S13 stereo

    Probably blew when old unit got ripped out So everything is working now? just so you know you can find fusebox translation on google and can also buy replacement stickers online failing that google translate on your phone is your friend
  9. Should be almost exact fit? what does the type x have that a normal 180 doesnt....key wise anyway should be the same πŸ‘πŸ½
  10. Looking good mate πŸ‘πŸ½
  11. Greetings from Spain

    Welcome mate more of us that work together will create a better community
  12. So if clockspring is removed the easiest place to find horn wire would be at that plug. The horn wire doesnt go to ecu just so you know. It goes to a relay under bonnet then to horn itself. Most boss kits have a wire in it for the horn but im guessing yours doesnt? In order for it to work you need to create an β€œearth” when you press horn button and join into the car side of clockspring plug let me know if more info needed
  13. s15 sunroof

    If your replacing it just cut out other arm you will need to take roof lining out too more than likely. Your up for an interesting job in regards to a removal guide, try something like a haynes manual or one of those similar. Because the s15 was aus delivered they may have one
  14. Haha thanks man it's our little work rig