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  1. A bit of advice on my welds.

    What were the settings mate? Welds look nice!!!
  2. how to do lobster back piping

    Anyone use a formula for working out the bends? Or u just pick say 5deg and cut a heap of em and see where u end up? What's the best way people are using to work out the segments??
  3. Hey all, i cant seem to find a thread listing places that are good so where does every one get their mild, stainless , alloy etc pipes from? something like: company name contact details address what do they stock( pipe , sheet etc ) Cheers
  4. LOL you said it Jez i was thinking it!
  5. Drifters Unleashed 2009

  6. keepdriftingfun

  7. Electric RC cars -

    order it all from Hong Kong man, dont waste ya time in hobby shops, HK half the price.
  8. Lambo Makeover

    some people just got to much money
  9. Worst looking car I have EVER seen

    wow.... some people.....
  10. Time for a tow car

    Something with Auto, nothing but
  11. Turbo Charged Nissan SUV Vs. Lambo

    i want one, that would be good for towing... haha
  12. Track only S15 vs R32GTR

    how much money u got?.... u gonna need to sell your house to build a good track gtr.... 80-100k to do it right.....
  13. is it ok to drift a regod track car? (s13) and is it poss to have 2 drivers for the 1 car, if we both pay the 150bux each?