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150kw power house

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  1. Cheap car wash $32 for two

    Na I'm rebuilding my engine..... Again,
  2. Cheap car wash $32 for two

    Hahahahaha babe awesome, u entering?
  3. Cheap car wash $32 for two

    You can give me a massage at winton to help me relax, I'll be down at Donnys garage waiting with some vegimite
  4. Cheap car wash $32 for two

    Paint protection lol it's a gimmick, a good 2k clear will withstand uv rays better than any polish or paint protection, all this pp does is fill the minute pores of the clear and eventually (cpl of days/ car wash) will wear off, the only true paint protection is a lockable garage with a dust extraction system that also minimizes moisture build up,
  5. kris's A31 Cefiro

    Fukn nice
  6. VicDrift Drift Matsuri 2011

    Watch people say it's to dear

    I was under the impression majors don't need to be seen at the rta,
  8. FMIC Hole Cut Way Too Big

    My cold side goes through the nose panel just behind headlight, very short pipe,
  9. Paint

    Don't put to much Bp can go a yellow color, try blue xryllic ( think its spelt like that) instead,
  10. Looks good, how's it sit when the guard edge is near the wheel lip? Can it fit?
  11. What to do?

    He's a liar
  12. What to do?


    Did You run out ^^^^
  14. what is your latest purchase?

    Power lifting hooks and a weight lifting belt ;-) what can I say, getting over cars