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  1. Hey fam, We've released a bunch of Car inspired air freshener hangers, and have small lineup of S chassis , GTR and a heap of other makes to wet your whistle, Were Melbourne based , and aim to have the broadest range of models for enthusiasts. So have a peep and thanks for the support. http://www.revhangs.com https://www.facebook.com/revhangs https://www.facebook...f=page_internal
  2. I use the tokina 11-16 primarily as a glidecam lens with a 550d. I rarely use it on 5dIII, but on a full frame, you can only use it at 16mm focal, so it is basically a fast 16mm ultra wide prime. DSLR' video rarely 'need' IS glass. Our set shoots with RED etc, dont require IS. Even with weddings etc IS is not necessary... would be handy though! Perhaps for sporting events and drifting with a zoom IS is beneficial. The tokina is well known as one of the sharpest 11-16 wides, its a well nice lens for photo and videog. If you are into film, forget about EFS lenses, M42 vintage primes are the go. Pentax SuperTaks in particular. 35mmf2, 50 f1.4, 55f1.8 have superior prime optics and range from $40-100 for GOOD examples for vintage primes. Then you obvsiously can go up to Zeiss Jena, Nikkor vintage etc.. Heres a recap shoot using the tokina 11-16, 550d and konova slider for the A cam angle. http://youtu.be/V4BEBU4pXqU
  3. Price : $260 Condition : Used WRX GD 17" STOCK RIMS x 4 worn tyres, one has inner camber wear to wire. one has gutter rash. straight, no cracks. selling due to buying a set of 5, as i needed 1 for a cracked rim. VIC only nth suburbs $260 FIRM CHEAPEST U WILL FIND. 0418376828
  4. Tips on a HD video cam.

    Gopro hd(2) is not an overall usefull camera, because there is no zoom. It is fixed at around a ~12mm focal length. thats it. Great for its intended purpose, but not so good for a throw around 'home, holiday' camera. The rubber seals in all cameras will be effected over time. but yes, just rinse it in water after salt use. Ive used a pana lumix and gopro hd for about 3-4 years , taken it to malyasia, bali,thailand, the states, the snow, and they do take a beating. The benefit of the gorpo, is that it is contained in a shell that you can replace. The other cameras, im not sure if you can buy the rubber seals. oh yeah and underwater focus is balls, just be weary of that issue.
  5. Later when you surpass the entry level 550d features, i HIGHLY recommend installing Magic Lantern. It will enable manual kelvin white balance scale, HDR video, intervalometer. ..basically gives the 7d,5d,1d features (minus the respective crop or dual digic)
  6. Gig Photography

    Stages for bands usually have 2-3 floodlights, so you can go flashlesh no problems. Just be prepared for limited access around the actual stage, and if so, you are stuck with the lens ranges you have. If your subject moves around alot, you will have all sorts of trouble shooting them with big appearture and slow shutter speeds. Thats when a flash comes in VERY handy. I usually shoot with a 70-200 f2.8because im lazy. My subjects are usually dancers, so they move around yall be okkkkkk. learn the techniques yourself! thats the best part. and keep the secrets you find to yourself lol.
  7. upgrading my camera

    if you are on a budget, then 550d/600d/60d are your three main bodies, they are all within $300 of each other, all have the same CMOS, all are 1.6x crop. Each obviously has a tiny bit more novely features, but all give the same level of 'performance'. if you want weather proofing and more finite iso/kelvin/shutter speeds, gravity features, then 7D is great. You only need to go 5dmkII when you go beyond what the above crop sensored bodies are offering. For beginner/ammeture enthusiast, you honestly dont need to go full frame, can you justify $2500 for body only? thats up to you, since you can get a 550/600d for $700-800 and spend the rest on good L or 3rd party lenses.
  8. That shot is done with panning and a medium/slow shutter speed. You can do that effect with any lens. You honestly wont find anything as great as the 70-200f2.8, but there is an F4 version that you can pick up relitevly cheap 2nd hand. the f4 is just as sharp as the f2.8 @ f4.
  9. Pressure testing FMIC core

    will it dose if you put air frew it? any radtiator place can test it.
  10. Photographers making money!

    There arent enough motorsport events that you coudl make a living off. $50-60-70K off motorport events??? hrm, you gotta be one talented photographer, or it be part of a second form of income. I good friend of mine shoots for Express publications, and photography is not his main form of income. As above, if you are making enough to pay your house, kids, car etc, off purely motorport photog, then you are doing very well! Then again, how much $ would you consider 'making a living' ? If you are new to photography , kickside along wedding photogs as a start. Wedding and portrai photography is amongst the 'easiest' direction to make money. But also , ifyoure a sh1t kent, your work and name will be spread around too within the photog community. You have to realise alot of motorsport photographers are freelancers, or photogs building their portfolio, even 'official event' photogs would get peanuts from a days shoot. You can see from post drift events that certain fotogs offer full prints for a nom price. You have established event photogs who try to make a bit of petrol money that you will be taking away a chunk of their $ away with your new 'photo system'. So just be aware of who you colab with and if you want MrX photog within your team, but you dont want Mr Z. in other words it could get a bit caty?
  11. ive spend about $4K from Digitalrev.com Grey imports obviously. but deliver from HK within 3 working days.
  12. Lense choice (Canon)

    tamron 17-50 2.8f. nifty 50 50 f1.4 is fantastic! but that isnt a first lens for a beginner. Save your bucks, look into the above two. 50mm f1.4 should be invested in later. You will find a 24mm or 30mm prime to be more useful on a x1.6crop than a 50. Thats why you should start with the nifty 50 first, because if you want to upgrade to a f1.4 later the nifty resells quickly. The above two should be the first two lenses for any starter that is on a budget IMO.
  13. DSLR Video Capture

    Weather 'proof' bodies ... yeh i duno. They will handle rain and dust better, as everything is sealed. Remember that the only lenses that are proofed, is L glass! So if you cant afford L glass, then you are stuck with a weather proof 7D, but with non proofed lenses! lol. You can get DSLR 'bags' from ebay, dealextreme, linkdelight. But then again, ur stuck with a lens that isnt proofed. on the topic of memory cards, 60d has dual slot, so can use SD and CF. the 7D has only CF. You will need class 6 onwards , but a 'good' class 4 can keep up on 1080 with no buffer hit. I use two class 4 sdhc, and one class 6. Both get buffer hits. It also depends on what you are filming. Transcend SDHC 32gig class 10 can be bought for $70-80, and have great budget reviews by DSLR users. Bookmark these two sites: www.cinema5d.com www.cheesycam.com Yeh the 17-55 usm 2.8 is a great lens, similar optics to the L equivalent, but in a non proofed body. If you cant afford that, then Tamron 17-55 f2.8 is a good alternative. Much less sharper than the USM, but a great cheaper althernative.
  14. DSLR Video Capture

    if i strap a 30mm f1.4 and film it with a 550d, then strap it to a 5d mkii .. there is a bees dick difference in bokeh. yeah the full frame lets in more light. but DOF full frame vs cropped is marginal. If you have the cash though.. most def, get the 5d mkii. but 5d only does 1080 you dont have the flexibility of 720 50/60p capture for slow motion. Whislt its great for weddings... what if you want to film sports? you need 50/60p. Most people also cant tell the difference between 720 and 1080p on a full screen.
  15. DSLR Video Capture

    With the 550,60,7d + 5D mkii , there is honestly not much difference in actual video quality between them. the 5D mkii is a professional grade body, full frame sensor, and obviously you get better ISO and shutter speed increments over the entry level cropped bodies (550,60,7d). The entry to intermediate level bodies are too similar , its not funny. The CMOS sensors are near identical. The only difference is the ISO and shutter speed increments are more defined the higher you go in body. The 60 and 7D have a more professional white balance system, and audio can be modified, AGC off etc. but all bodies film in PAL and NTSC 50/60hz, 720 @ 50/60p, 1080 @ 24/25p. If you are a girl and want auto focus, then only nikkon offer than in a dslr. Lens choice, you DONT need to spend money on L glass to get great results. ANCIENT lecia lenses with an adaptor, or old nikkor glass with an adaptor works, as you never use A/F. Alot of the final look is in post processing. Its like photography. Youre basically shooting film in a RAW MOV h264, and then when you post edit, you add your effects, color correction etc, and then render it down smaller to a different h264 codec, the final piece after all that is what you want. If you render it sh1t, then it will look sh1t, you can spend $2K on L glass and still shoot sh1t, render sh$t and it will end up being sh11ty. lol You could get away with a HD camera, or a 4/3rds body, but you dont get the flexibility, or sharpness or bokeh of a DSLR. You rock up to a set with your HD , and your client will laugh at you. Of course you gotta start somewhere, if you are ever serious about future proofing yourself and having a body that will not out date iself, i would pick the 60D, only because it has new AUDIO features and AGC and levels can be adjusted. The 550d has 3rd party hackware called Magic lantern, which basically turns the 550d to a 60/7D.. but that software is still in beta testing. 7D.. is good, has weatherproofed body. but not really worth the extra cash, since..most people wont take a dslr out in bad weather anyway.
  16. new nikon DSLR model

    D3100 is 550d/t2i equivalent, whilst d7000 is the 60d. the nikons have always had more AF' points, and those two bodies have in built AF, especially good if your a noob and cant grasp the concept of MF'sing for HD movies. But overall same same. Canon have slightly better HD movie and audio technology over the nikon. but same junk really. all are APSC cropped bodies. But you should all know its not the body that matters. Invest in good lenses.
  17. Ive purchased from HK many times. Digital rev is great. you MUST opt for the international MAC warranty though. There are canon reps that accept MAC warranties for grey imports. Although Digitalrevs Aus contact is unfortunately in NSW at the moment. But you may be able to find local non NSW repair/suppliers that will accept MAC. And Aus dollar doesnt effect HK sellers, because the prices are always stagnant. If you go purchase 3rd party accessories though, like from dealextreme, indisystems etc, then yes, AUS $ is good , as they trade in USD $.
  18. Lense selection.

    Oh yea, might look into the 70-200 4f seems to be a cheaper opition and hopefully the same quality... Also is Digitalrev.com a good trustworthy site? I'll check it out now.. Cheers its a fantastic lens for film also. minimal rolling shutter compared tot he 70-300 which smashed up the film with rolling shutter horribly. yeah digitalrev is a very trustworthy site. Use their ebay site, as you will save even more than their website. Myself and friends have purchased two 550d bodies, a 70-200 f4, and a 7D from them no problems. If you do buy from them ask them who their Australian rep is for MAC warranties, and purchase a MAC warranty also , so you will be covered for faulty in Aus. As most AUthorised Canon repairers wont ok grey imports , unless they accept MAC warranty.
  19. digitalrev.com have MAC warranties. there is a warrantly store in NSW only. But again... you have to weigh up the costs vs warranty. yeah digitalcamearwarehouse has very competitive prices... use them to get places like JB HI FI and Teds to price match.
  20. Lense selection.

    i recently upgraded from the same 75-300 III to a 70-200 2.8f is. i researched into sigma and tamron 70-200 2.8f and they can be bought around the $1500mark. what you could opt for is the 70-200 4f which is around $700 new from HK digitalrev.com iused the f4 at a lowlight concert and was blown away with it. even at 4f it was enough to capture stage at 1600iso but yeah. 2nd hand 70-200 non IS is around $1200-1500 depending where you look. Phill bloom reviewed the tamron and tokina 70-200 and found that he needed to return about 2-3 of them to get one that was perfect. that was my biggest peev.
  21. Gran Turismo 5

    Hey thought you may like this clip i bunged together from GTA IV EFLC YO. GTA IV FO LYFE. true classic Click 720p. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFLf-jg_KPw
  22. Tilt shift lens photography

    you can build your own tilt shift lense with a flexible barrel. also post editing can yeild the same results, ive had some success with vid and images. You need a good POV , looking down at anything. Or a wide ~10mm wide lense for a wider perspective. Then u add gausian or image blur to the non focal areas, and saturate the colors and you get tilt shift effect. v cool when you can get it right!
  23. Luke Fink driving in JDM Allstars 2010

    im add you in facebook