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  1. white walls

    eastside whitewalls located in sunshine? mebe his kumpus is upsizdedz down
  2. Forward/ Hunched Shoulders

    i have forward shoulders, from posture and only doing chest lol.. Deadlifts and rows help pull your shoulders and back back (for me anyway)
  3. GoKart Drifting

    None of Melbournes 'public' go karts drift in the dry. You have to get a wet day. Funcity lol.. yeah that place is a hole. they just slick up the track..if you want to call it a track. Wait till winter, and hit Phillip Island karts. It usually rains often there in winter and that track is great for drifting. Highly recommended when wet!
  4. My K4 6ixxer

    K4 6ixxer. K4/5 is the best shape Gixxer EVER appart from k6 IMO. Its stock appart from K&N filter, yoshi shorty, and 520 conversion -1 I was running -1 +3 and that was SWEET for street, but for highway was a fkn joke.
  5. ATTN GSX-R K8

    Its just a slip-on Jardine GP1 Sounds sick man love jardine Yoshi pipes are to quite for my liking looks sweet man, big difference from the abortion of a wales penis the stock muffler is! K6 onwards have that big under box with butterfly valves, so most slip on will sound pretty quiet.
  6. My first bike

    Enjoy it.Pitbikes aer like scooters ... homoe, but arent they fun. Ive also got a 140cc pitty. Awesome fun. Heaps sketchy and dangerous and fall appart. Pretty much like all silvias hahahaha. Loctite is your friend!
  7. Canadian visiting Melbourne

    Heres a couple: this ones in stkilda, bang mid of some kickback cafe's and bars, pubs in stkilda. http://www.thehabitathq.com.au/ Chappel st is a cafe and lala bopper shopping strip, lots of local cars going up and down the strip, heaps of guidos , heaps of chicks to look at, go up to the windsor end of chappel if you want pubs. Its close to the city and st kilda http://www.backofchapel.com/ this ones in the smack bang city. again, good to explore our alleyways for hidden bars and what not. but the city is draining. I hate the city. but you might like it. http://www.friendlygroup.com.au/ anyways, depends what your looking for. I hate the city, so if i had my pick id choose the st kilda habitat one. Or mebe do all three. You must be a mega drift fan to seek drifting here. If you cant get a hookup, Cheapest thing to do (infact best tip that can be used anywhere if your a traveller) is go steal a pushbike and spend a couple days cycling around Melbourne city absorb our culture and our lifestyle. Youll find our people not as freindly as you canucks, but were up there. Also, the maroon coloured city loop trams are free. use that sh1t up.
  8. Go get a blood test asap. Check for diabetes and anemia. Also talk to your folks, ask them what family medical history is like.
  9. thats a good diet if youre a 50kg nerd playing WoW for 16 hours at a time. Drop the energy drinks. That junk rots your teeth and your bowel. Guarana+caffeine is not a fuel for your body.
  10. How come? i doubt daily cardio would be on their to do list.
  11. Chicken in a Can

    its crap, ive tried the Heinz ones, tastes ok. its just about 30?grams of shreaded chicken, the rest is the sauce or flavouring or water weight to make the 90?grams net. Theres about %30 less protein too vs tuna Youd get more protein out of a can of 4 bean mix. lol.
  12. Cheap supplements

  13. need a POSTY BiKE as a daily commuter

    bikesales.com.au search honda ct110 you can mod them to suit china pitbike motors or the Satchs madass motors (china)

    roskin bio serum worked on some of my dirtbiking scars, took a while though, bout 2 months before they started fading. im now starting it on my stretch marks.
  15. Hey goodthanks. as some are riders here, i want to ask: on dse websat , it says parts of kinglake/mt diss are closed (fire resto), does this mean the actual trails are blocked for trailbiking? thanks sexy.
  16. costco?

    nah its not that much cheaper. that pizza is i duno, u can get two large fresh pizzas anywhere for $12 FOOD & GROCERY: Sunsilk Shampoo Moisture & Colour Lock 2x750ml $17.99 Listerine Freshburst Mouthwash 2x1.5 L $22.29 Lifestyles Condoms regular 40pk $12.99 Nurofen 200mg Tablets 24ct $3.99 Whiskas cat food 12x750gm $25.29 Iams 36kg chicken dry cat food $31.99 ($42 at Sydney vets) Eukanuba Adult dog food 15kg $89.99 Tip Top Omega 3 bread 2x700gm $5.99 Strawberries 1kg $6.99 Macadamia Nut Pie Kirkland branded 2kg $19.99 Kirkland boneless salmon fillet $28.99 per kg Lilydale Free Range whole chicken $5.79/kg sold in 2 packs (approx $18) Baiada chicken thigh fillets fresh $9.49/kg - (sold in about 1.8kg packs.) Whole cooked lobster $39.99/kg Whole fresh salmon $14.99/kg Teys lamb shanks ready to heat and serve $10.99/kg (about 1kg per pack) Hot rotisserie chickens (Kirkland branded) $9.99 (or approx $7.14/kg) Kirkland branded cheese - Parmigiano Reggiano $26.99/kg. Coca Cola 330ml cans sold in 30 packs for $13.99 - or 47 cents a can. Kirkland Chicken Parmigiana ready to bake $12.99 (4 breasts). Kirkland Salmon Milano - fillets with basil pesto butter $31.99/kg Kleenex facial tissues 8x250 packs $16.79 Red Rock Deli crisps 30x45gm packs $31.99 Smiths Salt & Vinegar Crinkle cut crisps 36x45gm $34.99 Huggies Junior nappies 124 pack $75.49 Quaker Old Fashioned Oats cereal 4kg $12.99 Carman's Original Museli (Australia) 1.5kg $9.79 Waterwheel Cheese Twists 4x100gm $9.99 Kirkland 1.13kg packs of Whole Fancy Cashews $18.99 Cadbury Cherry Ripe 48x52gm $53.99 Best Foods mayonnaise 1.8kg $10.29 ELECTRONIC GOODS: Hardware: Apple iPod 8GB $175.89 (about $2 dearer than JB Hi-Fi) Canon 450D DSLR Twin lens kit $1249.99 Pentax K-M DSLR Sigma Twin lens $899.99 Nikon D5000 Twin VR lens $1599.99 Samsung 1080P Full HD TV 52" LCD $3099.99 Sony Bravia 40# 100HZ 1080P ECO LCD $2399.99 Volta Vortex Gen 3 vacuum cleaner $159.98 Grand Hall Barbcue gas grill $999.99 Sandisk Ultra II 4GB Flash card twin pack $61.99 HD TV kit including 2 HDMI cables and cleaning equipment for just $62.99 Pioneer Blu-ray player $469.99 Samsung 55" LED TV $4499.99 HP PC computer Pavilion P6120 with 20" widescreen LCD monitor $999.99 HP Pavilion DV7-2112TX 17" notebook with 1TB harddrive $1999.99 Western Digital 1TB external hard drive $199.99; 2TB for $369.99 Canon Pixma MP980 colour printer/scanner $349.99 Software: James Bond Ultimate DVD Collection $239.99 Wii games from around $22 through to $70 Recent release Bluray DVDs for under $30. New release DVDs at mixed prices - some under JB Hi-Fi prices, some over. Top Gear Botswana Special $14.69; Underbelly 2: $48.99, Flight of the Concords season 2 $31.69 ($29.98 at JB Hi-Fi). LIQUOR: Spirits: Kirkland vodka 1.75 litre $89.99 Baileys 1 litre $38.98 Kahlua 1 litre $39.99 Hennessey XO Cognac 700ml $173.99 Remy Martin VSPO 700ml $63.99 Wine: Chateau Neuf du-Pape 2003 $34.99 Penfolds Bin 389 Cab-Sauv $46.99 Taylors Jaraman Cab-Sauv $19.89 St Hallet Old Block Shiraz $59.99 Climbing Merlot 2007 $14.99 Nautilus Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2008 $19.89 Kirkland Ti Point Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc $13.99 Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc 2008 $29.99 Moet & Chandon Champagne $59.99 Beer: VB 24x375ml stubbies $36.99 Corona 24x330ml bottles $51.99 HARDWARE, HOMEWARES & MISC: KitchenAid 10 piece utensil pack $49.98 Wenger Outfitter 3-person tent $199.99 Wheelbarrow with black poly tray $89.99 Schwinn Mountain bike $499.99 Kirkland oversized bath towels $15.99 Multi-position sofa bed $599.98 New release trade paperback books for $19.99 Prescription glasses: $249 frame & lenses ($30 coupon discount makes it $219.99). Designer fragrances $76.99 - inc DKNY, Juicy Couture and Marc Jacobs Kobe Jones restaurant $100 gift vouchers for $79.99. CLOTHES: Segments womens t-shirts $10.99 Polo Ralph Lauren polo shirts $54.99; Kirkland alongside for $22.99 Van Heusen mens business shirts $24.99 Colourful Ed Hardy fashion t-shirts $69.99 Lucky Brand Jeans t-shirts for $29.99, Diesel Logo t-shirts for $39.99 Kirkland jeans $24.99 Hugo Boss jeans $99.99
  17. Snow gear!

    http://www.force.net.au/ they have an outlet in burwood hwy. PRices there are cheaper than ballystix and other retarded shops.
  18. Trike Drift

    nice entries.. chek the others with tandems..
  19. Any dirt/pitbike riders here? \
  20. New Euro Craze

    hoodride The post is too short. You must have at least 10 character(s) before you can go on and post it.
  21. woah thats one wack looing 14.
  22. Frozen v fresh

    if you read the frozen veg packets, for example the Safeway/Coles Select? brand, that the vegetables are a product of China. Infact most would say 'made from local and imported ingredients' meaning that the packaging is printed in Aus. everything else is imported.
  23. Bran Vs Oats

    But on the tv, it says Nutri Grain has PROTEIN NOW!!! WOAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH so if i combine it with that milo cereal+that tiger cereal+fruit loops+rice bubbles, thats like complete meal.

    project, your mate looks ultra gay. no offence. anyways, i destroyed my board at Buller on sunday. i was sliding and then felt the dredded rock bog and my board cried as it gashed a nice slice from under it

    yeah ill prolly be up on sunday