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  1. RWC workshops

    'good' workshops that hand out an easy rwc?? ahahahah
  2. at the start, vin diesels black thing sounds like a v8, then SSQ goes off, then it doses, then it sounds like an RB, then he sideswipes the tanker to smash it off, so the left side of the car is all mashed, next scene the left side is all IMMACULATE, then next scene its all dented again, then next next scene is mad clean. i think he went to DT panels. VU YOUR FAMSOURZSE
  3. snow season!

    dont think the snow will ever be peakin at buller man lol. or a blizzard. haha 07 was blizzard conditions. COuldnt see sh1t, rain turned to ice knifes stabbing u in the face. got stuck on the lift for 20 mins too rocking back and forth.
  4. QBH Brawl

    mad novel.
  5. snow season!

    ill be up all over the main tripple mountains. oh..tip for roof rack ... make sure ur snowboard bindings are strapped in if u mount them ...i ended up with massive dings from a loose binding strap that flapped around lol woops.
  6. Punisher: War Zone

    what are you a girl? Your not meant to think during this movie, just watch and react. switch off your front bum mode, and enjoy head crackers!!!
  7. Taken (2008)

    top flick. kinda like a mcgyver/jason bourne , but 10000 years old with a dumb daughter.
  8. S14 shell?

  9. anyone going to see love the beast

    looks good i want to see it. It was made for the partners of car fanatics, so they get an undertanding to why men love cars.
  10. Cruise impounds finally reported

    im a chong and i understood. so who has Pedders suspension?
  11. Bolt on spacer nuts

    TTF Ringwood can get them.
  12. You never know who's watching

    Wheres Tiger. lol *gets popcorn*
  13. Cheap groceries?

    cheap meat.. go down the road to richmond. vic street If you want alternate 'groceries' theres Indo marts on glengferrie road opposite each other. If your not used to asian shops, or the smell, then i duno.. too bad so sad.

    Nah, more like the UMART of games. MSY doesnt have online because they are of the ball sack, f**k MSY... they never open on time, the line system is straight outa communist china, WE IS IN AUSTRALIA MUFUKA LOL. Fk waiting in line next to megatron and skynet nerdlingers. UMART FTW. so yeah. phew.
  15. Good Clubs/Pubs

    ^ Super mario is right, they are good places, some are especially good after work with all the CBD suited up womenz.. ohhh *thrusts towards a vase and breaks the vase* If on the other hand your some sort of gronk from pt gawler , that pub in epping..whats it name.. would suit you more, or one of the many gronk bars on the strips of Ringwood or narre warren would suit you more. Bring flanelette and a mouth guard but.
  16. 5'8" Dunker from Melbourne - Australia

    fark he get up there! You dont see many athletes like that at the nunna comps, most are indians or asians :/
  17. hey so the council (manigham?) have placed the DUMBEST bus lane on tram road/doncaster intersection for stupid Shoppingtown, Tram road going towards templestowe. So effectively bottlenecked tram road now.. what is the rule for bus lane? I read that you can enter them within 100 meters IF you plan to use that lane later on? I basically want to use this sh1t lane, because its NEVER used by a bus, cos the bus is stuck in the fkn bottle neck billions of km's down tram road!! Aids.
  18. Cars you hate

    nissan s13's
  19. Holy hell @ this HEAT!

    yeah ! same as turning the heater on in ur car, you will feel cooler when you get out.
  20. Airconditioner Installation

    i have a cheap portable and its lasted very well (2 years and its on full blast most of the time). Its the generic china that you get from Reject shop for $300, but rebadged as a 'YESS' brand. Its top tits for a bedroom, but balls for a large living area unless your right infront of it.
  21. Liquid Protein

    $31aus for 6 x 45 gram serves... thats retarded, thats like 402grams of just water, whilst 270grams is actual protein. Go ahead an pay for your overpriced water.
  22. Airconditioner Installation

    why not? ill give you one millon dollars.?
  23. The Hoon Laws in Practice

    its too hot to compile. just go to the pools and perve on chicks
  24. Muffler's & More

  25. use your stock intake piping cold side, and get an exhaust shop to route a 90degree bend back turnflow style.