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  1. australia

    Thats why your such good looking L
  2. Fastest car for 4k to 6k

    http://carsales.com.au/used-cars/private/F...J20&trecs=2 http://carsales.com.au/used-cars/private/N...J20&trecs=2
  3. Fastest car for 4k to 6k

    Soarer TT's can be picked up for around $5-6K
  4. Driver dies in doncaster.

    ^ probably the same rule as running with scissors
  5. Driver dies in doncaster.

    Thats why you keep a good driving distance from them, and go around them. You can read the story in a couple ways, but perhaps the van driver did not give a good breaking distance? RIP, nasty way to go.
  6. Any dirt/pitbike riders?

    Nope...even rec reg has standards, such as headlight, tail/brake light and signals to name a few. You don't have those, then it doesn't comply with the standards. Here ya go: http://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/Home/Motorc...egistration.htm "Eligibility Any two-wheeled motorcycle can be registered as a recreation vehicle. " Like i said, you CAN rec reg a pitbike... not sure why youd want to do it on a pocket bike, cos youd use rec reg for state forests. Any motox store will supply you with the parts needed. The problem with most pitties is that you need a reg/rectifier to the stator , so voltage is 12v constant. If not, youll blow your globes.
  7. Hot Weather Run

    One form of ice baths involve laps into a hot bath, then into the ice bath, around and around. So i dont think a cold shower after a hot run will effect you. People who get colds from hot/cold weather changes would have a poor immune system id say?
  8. Any dirt/pitbike riders?

    na CBF reading to be honest. was gonna get 1 but no point if i cant ride it around my area you can rec reg it. But a pokcet bike is pretty useless. Your better off buying a china pit, and slapping motards on it if you want tarmac action.
  9. Any dirt/pitbike riders?

    yeah i have a generic china 125. Bottoms out hard, but its held up well. Had to replace a foot peg..snapped off. WOOOOPS Its tits fun. I used to ride a yzf250 2 banger. Yeah its like comparing a GTR to a.. Daewoo Llanos, but you have fun with what you have. http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=wTH29EhVy3c
  10. Anyone like Roger Federer?

  11. blow off valve

    bovs are dumb. are you dumb? Do you want to waste your dumb cash on a dumb Phssssssssst noisy girly phsstttt valve. You dont drive a WRX ok? U want DOSE. then you will make frenzzz Smokey loves Dose. just plug your pinhole in your stock bov. I just saved you $200. So give me $50 and we call it even
  12. This doesn't belong here! Update 29/12/09]

    well done. Dont worry about the haters, who gives a fk bout them. Anyway, what gearbox are you using? EXA CA box? do they hold up ok? I know SR N14/n15 boxes strip 3rd gear like butter when you go DET.
  13. the only reason commodores run lower at the rear, is because muzteks and yobbos remove the rear springs, and chop the fronts. Duno why. looks shyte bouncing around everywhere
  14. Blocking stock BOV

    2ltr bottle cap in the return line is easiest.
  15. Go Karts

    yes its open to the public. Lemans in dandy i prefer over acekarts in sunshine. Lemans karts are generally faster too.
  16. louis vuitton roof

    Looks to me that you prove once again you thrive on looks and visuals, now your going as low as to pick on skin colour? Is that how you gauge others? By their skin colour? I thought to let is slide that your from the bowel of Australia, but I guess that Newcastle was made for 'Lower income type of people' for a reason. your not serious are you? Going all PHD in human psycology on him? HAHAAHAHA your weird man.
  17. your cars at a panel beaters and they cant roll them for you?
  18. my new tat

    nice.. nite sure about the random flowers. but still nice!
  19. info on hi-torque performance

    Will you be an apprentice? Dont go thinking if you work for hi-torque, that you will be working on tuning and otehr exciting sh1t. Youll be stuck on normal servicing duty and floor cleaning for the first couple years. Go for jag or porsche. its a no brainer. It will look very impressive on your CV and will help you get your foot in the door for other workshops. who would you hire later on when your resume says: "I WErkT AT Hi TArQ PERfORmncz fOR KeSh foR da fRee YEarsz WasHing Da FLooRz, anD chAngINg d Air FIltArEz" or I applitudely was residing as an apprentice mechanic, then which i qualified my duties at the top of my scholarship with a TER of 99.9999998, in a bachelor of mechanicalogicaling engineering or somesh1t..., qualified at Porsche/Jaguar. *sips tea*
  20. Making a clutch lighter

    Ive used pbr and exeddy HD organic and button clutches, and they have been lighter than standard in clutch feel. The only reason one would be harder, is if you have a super duper pressure plate of gigantor LB's preportions
  21. Bad Knocking sound

    Bottom end bearings usually 'clack clack' at certain rpm, and can eminate the noise through the top end. but yeah... could be anything though.
  22. If you cbf going all the way to sth east, go in the street where Jaguar is on Doncaster road (down doncaster road just past shoppo, autobarn), theres a tuning shop right there in that street, the guy is very helpfull. Forgot the shop name.... HI TORQUESUPERRPM or someshit like that. or go 20mins down maningham road/ bell st to Protek.
  23. New Drift rules

    how about a FWD Series? Done. sold.
  24. yep strip and sell. This is good for poeple after a cheap import. IMO, they still arent cheap enough. Silvias/180/cef/skylines ppl are still asking overpriced coin.