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  1. Waste of dosh. so you save .00000000004ms with a short shifter. Get one if you enjoy the feel of a tighter throw. Stock throw is fine dont be a girl.
  2. yeah but some workshops are tuning and rebuild specialists, they wont do servicing because they dont have the time, as they are booked out till well over the next 2-3 months. Doesnt make those shops any worse ya dig. If your talking about your local caltex, then yeah fk that.
  3. That stretch looks awefull. I think theres a limit ...from good looking to fkn retarded. lol
  4. Emergency lanes disappearing

    Most of the tunnel fwy networks in syd , qld and vic only have those silly 'strategic' emergency lanes.. then again those tunnels are monitored.. i wonder if they will monitor the westgate and whatever other freeway they plan to widen. Id hate to be a motorist being squeezed inbetween some semi's on a windy wet foggy day over that dumb bridge with narrower lanes! Thems is smart governingz. Go Victoria.
  5. nah , most are busy booked out with other stuff to bother with minor servicing. Doesnt mean theyre not worth going to
  6. specail promo for you guys

    yeah i love cheese. grilled cheese mmmmm. How much would it cost for 400grams of just grilled cheese inthe form of a large pizza base? id hit that
  7. specail promo for you guys

    i had a terrible lasagna at pizza hut springy once. It was two thin sheets of pasta, and just slop in between, and 4" of cheese. Cheese was the best part mmmmmmmm. no nono... must resist the cheese
  8. wow all these nerds talking heat theory temporal velocity and heat dissapation like scientists, Who cares if it 'looks' crap after a while, you spray it black for sleeper value, not to impress chicks. just do it ffs. easy solved. dont go into internet nerd theorem trying to figure out if it will drop kw on your stock silvia.
  9. Where to buy

    carabean market man guy.
  10. Hottest looking s15?

    grow up for 1 second stick to the start of the thread. if u cant help, piss off your opinion is YOUR OPINION let me have mine i have NO idea wtf your babling on about habibz. here. theres some bright ones that you may like. http://www.uniquecarsales.com.au/pls/carsa...amp;sort_type=3
  11. Hottest looking s15?

    Just build one to YOUR LIKING you looser. And jdm s15 never ran a ceramic turbo.
  12. Dirtbike Trails.

    You can rec reg a pitty. Any 'two wheeled motorcycle can be rec registered'. If you want an expensive light kit, Dandy motocycle wreckers sell an overpriced rectifier/regulator that lets u run 12v led. Whole kit (lights, switches, wiring, horn, mirror etc) is about $350 + install. But if you know what to do, you can do the whole thing for $50-60. http://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/Home/Motorc...egistration.htm go here. Theres a couple vics that have rec reged pittys. http://www.miniriders.com.au/
  13. Dirtbike Trails.

    You can rec reg your pitty, it a bit fiddly. Youll need front and rear lights, and no plate light, horn and right hand mirror. $120, then $60 every other year. Youll only be able to ride in non-built up areas. If u travel up a bit more north, yan yean, and sh1t has heaps of bush thats ok to ride. Theres motox tracks in Broady and also down near Glen waverley. But youll need armour to ride.
  14. a hot dog wont make it 90db. You want to get rid of that cannon, and get two 3" mufflers that are staggered. as in entry on right, exit middle or opposite. Put one hotdog aftger the cat, then one mid muffler, then hang the other muffler out the back. Generic aussie 3" highflow mufflers are $60.
  15. bought a 250cc thumpster

    sik man. what brand? i have a little 125cc ducar. Fallen appart? not yet. front forks are leaky but. Unreal fun. buy a IRK from ebay and these 4 bangers will rev out like a 2 banger. Make sure u loctite all your bolts, and check every single one. Also check ur fuel filter is on the right way, most come on backwards. Replace your china plug, change your oil, and your fork oil cos they come with olive oil in them and youll be sweet. oh and check petcock...some retrict flow cos asia worker was slack with the sealant..
  16. my new s14

    ??????? no ive never tried lol Push it! some jdm;s have a coin holder or cup holder thing that pops out.
  17. my new s14

    bastard! nice s1! If u press the empty 'space' next to the window demister, do you get a suprise?????
  18. workshop to fix vct rattle for a s15

    RRP is $631 new. half another to fit, how fast. paid someone to do mine, he took 3 hrs. really? Your mech is balls. you could have diy in 40mins.
  19. Ebay thumpstars?

    i picked up a 2nd hand atomik 125 pit. goes sik. Had to tighten all the bolts though, they were all loose. Out of all the chinese motors, the Lifan ones ive read last the longest. Cant complain for $250 ! Fits in my hatch as well.
  20. It drills out the tumblers in the barrel , allowing anything you jam in the barrel to turn over your car.
  21. Id rather a car from china than...india.
  22. Any good seafood places?? Im talking platters, oysters, pipi's etc. mmmm

    LOL... thats a big NO NO. just sold my R6, couldnt believe the number of people that ask to test ride the bike. how could they seriously think i'll let them ride my bike. stoopid mate told me he advertised his bike on tpost, buyer called up says oh i live around the corner ill come past during the week. Rocks up at mates place with hes lil puppy says i was walking my pup sorry i have no id on me or anything of value can u mind my dog... never came back... i think the stories go on and crim's just get lower So he rocks up with no i.d, a puppy ... BUT he was walking his dog with his motorbike helmet right?? If he;s around the corner, he can walk back with his 'puppy' and helmet in hand to get i.d Nice fairytale.
  24. Movember

    Im trying to grow one.. i should have a full one by 2009.
  25. YOU CANT WIN FRIENDS WITH SALAD GEE. but good luck with your mate and his pink car. ggg g g g u not.