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  1. Gas (LPG) Consumption

    Vs commo, dual fuel on small donut tank 40ltr? mebe 300kms 13B Turbo. Straight GRA with big lines, big cfm carb.....75ltr? tank.. not too sure.. about 350kms (never run it empty) would be close to nearly empty (1 bar left out on lpg gauge)
  2. Cooler Truck Cores

    Myself and mates have used truck cores before. They work fine if welded properly. But nowadays theres china copies everywhere, so dont bother.
  3. WRX front mount or no front mount?

    theres close to two meters of extra piping if you go FMIC, compared to...20 cm of Y pipe...
  4. i was logged on at 12pm, then clicked refresh and then aids hit COTD. i wanted the $99 tomtom
  5. hhaha. well im 6ft 4" and asian. Fkn handsome one too. Its hard being out of the norm sometimes, but that just makes us awesome. But nothing beats the feeling of being with mates that are big or tall. WHen im with my normal hieghted mates i cry because i miss my tall gang. Thats you X and Phunky. (non homo)
  6. Someone is grounded for life

    speaking of crashes http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/story/0,2...394-661,00.html Sudaneses.
  7. from a 1000ltr tank yeah?
  8. you wont loose power, just get a highflow panel filter. Since you have a z32, the stock airbox holes wont line up.. you will have to drill bigger holes to fit, and mebe holesaw the hole larger. If you dont want to butcher your stock box, go to a wreckers and pick up something like a vl or r31 airbox, even a commodore VN-VR airbox as they use the same sized panel filter. but might be a bit big..
  9. looks terrible. Spend your $15 on your spray tint in a can on something else.

    Rural Australia you dingbat. The more you support the big T, the more infrustructure they can build, and the more 3rd party providers can lease and supply you dingbats competitive options.
  11. Jealous idiots

    doesnt have to be nice. my daily driver is a korean car, and its been kicked, keyed, broken into.. hell i went to maccas to get breaky one day, came out to find my aerial snapped and they left a window open and re-keyed the car which is already keyed!??!... it doesnt phase me, cos the car is a rubbish pile outside and in, but its the principal of it. and funny thing is that i was only in maccas for 20 minutes if that. anyway Idve snapped necks easy.
  12. Ebay thumpstars?

    how aer the atomik 250's in reliabilty? What else is a good reliable dirtbike for $1800 and has to be 250cc, 4 stroke and a large frame? thanks.
  13. nah it wouldnt b better by just getting a t28 because a t28 front and t25 is good because t25s are steel wheel and you can run good boost from them and it gives great mid range to redline and its also cheaper t28's have steel wheels. GTR t28's are ceramic ..if thats what your trying to say.
  14. Get some new pics up PANDA PANTS.

    Its not a new invention man. The owner probably left the keys in the ignition as he swapped seats, or started it to show the motor... then bye bye car.
  16. Drive-wheel debate

    Not all the time... mebe for solid axles yer... but when you have soft suspension rwd with IRS, rear squats, you get massive neg camber and you have less traction.
  17. Intercooler install

    oxy torch or plasma cutter.
  18. Honda civic Hatchback

    youd be hard pressed to get anything close to 130 at the wheels with a b16. Even an 'affordable' b16 with cams, ecu, headwork will only do mid to high 14's. if you want anything close to that , your gonig to have to do a b18 , b20, or some sort of frankenstein 2ltr bottomend with the b18 head.
  19. Recommendations of Bike's

    lol two stroke and money saving? seriously be sensible , the guy sounds like he doesnt know much, just go for a reliable Gpx or something or vtr. easy solved. the end.
  20. Recommendations of Bike's

    Go do a noob course. Theres lots places, rider bros, hart, motorcycle motion. about $260 will get you noob course + L's. Motorcycle motion will do a two day course + Ls, sounds extreme, but if your complete noob its probably the best value out there.

    BINGO Keeping up with the Jones'? Image is for suckers. Do what you want, when you want (and can afford/justify doing it). You can never keep up with your mates. No matter what someone will have something better than you. Live your own life. exactly. but again, thats how most young people nowadays like to live. .. BALLING.
  22. top gear aus

    The produce isnt bad, its just the hosts are nards. that young gronk pulls out dumb ocka slang and his accent is for Narre Warren. Embarassing when you hear his accent. their jokes are for the tip as well, nobody laughs, so they just put over fake recorded LOLz. Lots of wtf are you talking about moments.
  23. Driftattack Pics

    are they super mario clouds on the variaspaghetta?