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  1. Driving roads

    Prepare for disappointment
  2. For Sale - Nissan 180sx

    Very clean 180sx, Good luck with sale.
  3. half style camber arms

    the question was sortve meaning why not just use normal s13 ones?
  4. Gktech cooler arrived

    Did it come with holes?
  5. Manual conversions

    I believe all the required holes etc are there, no drilling required
  6. Moscow Drift

    ahh really I couldnt find it on here, my mistake
  7. Moscow Drift

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j9xDuIWrxaQ&feature=player_embedded Pretty sweet!
  8. 180 vs the cops.

  9. coilover comparison s13/180

    I also have the BC BR coilovers, they are awesome.
  10. Couple more of my s13 Thanks to Maikool for the pictures
  11. WHY?

    try living in Darwin
  12. Koyo Radiators!

    Hey, do you have a top radiator hose for a ca18det s13?
  13. HID

    I thought they were h3?