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  1. Sa active members role call

    haha by makeover i mean re-spray just bought a bunch of engine mods including a hks2835 with external gate
  2. Sa active members role call

    i actually just jumped back on here after finally taking the cover off my 180sx decided im gonna give it a massive make-over, first thing came to thought was reading all the 100 threads on turbo setups etc haha
  3. 2003 Holden Ute - $13,500

    Make : HOLDEN UTE Transmission : Kilometres : 0 Price : $13,500 Condition : Used hi up for sale is my series 2 v8 6 speed manual ute, its got the looks the sound and the power to impress anyone really lol. had a bit of work done to it including weind? weiland something a rather top intake bigger throttle body added previous owner said the injectors were done im unsure twin 3 inch pacemaker exhaust perfect note to it konei suspension got spare super low springs also if wanted 19 inch rims clubby front end with maloo side and rear interior is spotless no marks scratches some sub and amp unsure what it is, like listening to the car more then music but thats just me. i replaced the battery, thermo fans, clutch was upgraded to heavy duty recently had the thrust bearing, and the master cylinder replaced the car from what the previous owner told me is around the 400 horsepower mark to me it feels around 230-240kw at the wheel if you wish to enquire phone me after 5pm or email whichever you please no swaps sick of silly offers for it i need the cash asap thankyou for god sake for some reason its not letting me remove the files it decided to just add and copy more also sooo im increadibly sorry for that haha
  4. KONY 2012

    hate to be a dick but, DON'T PURCHASE FROM INVISIBLE CHILDREN, THIS IS WHY: Anyone is only talking about the Kony2012 **** because the US was granted to search for oil in Uganda (2 billion barrels worth) October 18Th. The Invisible Children (people who made the Kony2012 video) are supporting the UPDF (Uganda People's Defence Force) to force the LRA (Lord's Resistance Army) away from the oil. So America can run in and search for oil. The same exact thing happened in Libya only a few months ago, we sent minimal forces, as the French Air Force and Libyan rebels took out Gaddafi, as we looked around for oil. Proof that Invisible Children pockets 78% of the money. http://c2052482.r82.cf0.rackcdn.com/imag… Donating to Invisible Children is NOT the solution. Increasing the strength of the Uganda People's Defence Force is NOT the solution. The UPDF has been accused of rape and kidnappings for as long as Kony has.
  5. Pedo Bear and American news

  6. called me supervisor once, said i had to wash my cat didnt work out to well, still got the day off WINNING!

    in s.a ive seen a blue xr6 turbo undercover cop car with p plates on the license plate tilted like a fully gangstaaa haha was wearing full uniform
  8. dirt bikes! s.a

    yeah i had a 250f and completely killed the thing haha i was sorta thinking the 2011 crf450 they got a deal near my local bike shop out the crate for 8.9 im a decent rider just want a 4 stroke for a little more traction haha
  9. TES V: Skyrim

    i went as a high elf
  10. dirt bikes! s.a

    so who has a dirt bikes what type? and where do you ride? ive just sold my 2011 yz250 2 stroke and im thinking 4 stroke just cant decide which one
  11. TES V: Skyrim

    this game is amazing, all the other oblivions and fallout and such bored me to tears but i just cant seem to get off playing this
  12. my missus s14 200sx aus

    always wanted a set of them rimsss
  13. hahaha see her face expression when the boost comes on lol
  14. Battlefield 3

    conquest ive found to be the best so far still can never get an aussie server tho
  15. Battlefield 3

    am i the only one that has gotten bored with this game real quick? except the jets because thats just awesome but i suck at them