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  1. show us your tattoos!

    family crest, family motto and the quote "salute mi familia" all work done at Ocean Ink in Miranda also have the aries constellation down the right side of my back, which was done at the Ink Smith in Newcastle
  2. show us your tattoos!

    Had my ribs done at ocean ink, was very happy with how it come out, Brett has done mine. But it's a very popular place for southern Sydney, awesome people to work with too, Seen some pretty sweet stuff come from there
  3. the i remember my first beer thread.

    15, was in scotland for a soccer trip, on the last night few of the older boys got a case of carlsberg and bottle of vodka/ 12 redbulls in the hotel room downing drinks for fun, learnt that night that mixing drinks is a bad idea. 20 hour flight home the next morning, so hungover i couldnt eat breakfast weathered as f**k when i got off the plane to meet my parents.
  4. I moved out at 17, to a different city for work, i am now 18 it certainly makes you grow up alot quicker, as you are now responsible for everything currently living in a share house cos i wasnt getting payed very much but now looking for an apartment, n hopefully my gf will move in soon.
  5. my mate did his s13 recently, white with a black bonnet, roof and pillars. looks ace
  6. 180sx L plate love

    price drop to 11k mate + brand new exedy clutch installed yesterday
  7. engine over-revving

    thanks guys got it replaced should of thought of it pretty simple but didnt even think of it being clutch yeah it was a top of the line clutch exedy organic new OEM exedy feels so poor compared to it
  8. i have recently been having issues with my engine over-revving on acceleration just looking for some indication as to what my be wrong it seems to only happen in 3rd gear onwards and only very rarely in 2nd when the revs are low if the car is cruising at 2500rpm and i go to accelerate the revs will raise to approx 3000 then drop and similair if going uphill when the revs are dropping a bit. it is almost as if i have depressed the clutch and raised the revs then dropped it apologise if this is a simple thing i am only young and unwise any help would be much appreciated specs are: s14 sr20de with vvt, turbo fuel pump, pod, exhaust, organic clutch cheers
  9. sell my 300zx for a s13?

    Your selling already I thought you just got the 180. Well at least had it for like 4 months Why?? And whats next?? yeahh ive had it for about 10 months now, i love it and for cruising around its so much fun but i have to move to newcastle for soccer and seeing as i will be making regular trips up and down the F3 im after something a little more suitable but i have plans to return to the import scene once i get off my p's.. s15 ftw already have a word document with a parts outline
  10. **Spotted Thread**

    pewter s15 with green P's black r31 green and black keto all between sutho and gymea around 4 yesterday
  11. exhaust systems

    as stated i wouldnt recomend going higher than a 2.5" pipe on a NA I initially had a 3" pipe on my NA 180 and after downsizing to a 2.5" there were quite noticable gains made in terms of response and also made for a much nicer note in terms of the tip.. go nuts i personally think varex twin tip is the go for a daily but obviously whatever you like
  12. sell my 300zx for a s13?

    or you could buy my N/A 180
  13. 180sx L plate love

    mate i guess you could say i have new "employment" which requires me to move to newcastle and as much as i love this car, i will be needing a car more suited to regular weekly trips up and down the F3. why in a couple of months?? im really looking for a sale soon as im moving in November after i finish school so im hoping it will be sold by then. let me know if your interested and welcome to come and inspect
  14. 180sx L plate love

    updates: 150mm bubble shift knob courtesy of JDM obsession Car is now up for sale!!! http://www.carsales....30&keywords=non
  15. **Spotted Thread**

    maroon s14 slammed on bronze xd9 parked in gymea looked so nice