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  1. Howdy lads, Blew the seals on my T28BB last night, looking at upgrading to a Disco Potato. Always set up my cars in a way that takes only a few hours to get Regency ready (Stock seat, wheels, steering wheel and suspension in, good to go), and was wondering what people's experiences are with Regency and Disco Potatos considering their similar sizes in comparison to an S15 T28BB. I have heard of people getting through, but it's obviously a luck of the draw type situation. Cheers, Brad
  2. Why would my intake cam wear out?

    Had the exact same issue, but as above, blocked oil squirters. Ended up ordering S14/S15 oil squirters (larger diameter holes) for my redtop SR.
  3. What does SA have to offer?

    http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/adelaide-voted-the-best-city-in-australia-by-wotif-reviewers/story-e6frg6n6-1226919364694'>http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/adelaide-voted-the-best-city-in-australia-by-wotif-reviewers/story-e6frg6n6-1226919364694 http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/adelaide-voted-the-best-city-in-australia-by-wotif-reviewers/story-e6frg6n6-1226919364694 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World's_most_livable_cities Anyone that complains there isn't much to do here hasn't opened their eyes. (I have traveled the world, I realise how good we have it here.)
  4. Make : HONDA CIVIC Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 130000 Price : $5,500 Condition : Used [south Australia, Adelaide, Bay Area] As a friend once showed me "VTEC used, but not abused." A 1993 EG8 sedan converted to a 1995 JDM Spec B16a and 5spd Gearbox, very well maintained and cared for. Serviced every 5000kms OR less, I've serviced it three times in 10,000kms so far with: Royal Purple 10w 40w and Nulon 10w 40w Fully Synthetic / Always warmed up before driving. 350,000 KMs on the Chassis 130,000 KMs on Engine (No paperwork or receipts to verify, however all inspections welcome. Literally mint underneath the Valve cover and burns almost NO oil) 1995 JDM B16a 5spd Box DC2R Front 282mm DBA 4x100 Slotted Rotors Ferodo DS2500 Pads VTiR Booster DC2R Steering Rack RMF Rep Headers 2.25" Cat-back exhaust to XForce Twin-Loop DC2R Rear Lower Control Arms BC v1 10kg F and 6kg R Coilovers (Less than 2000kms old) EG6 Rear Disk Conversion EG6 Rear Sway Bar Hard Race Engine Mounts (Less than 5000kms old) Hard Race front LCA bushes (Less than 5000kms) Hard Race Swaybar Endlinks (Less than 5000kms) Nolathane Swaybar D-Link Bushes (Less than 5000kms) DC2 Radiator Brand new OEM Genuine Honda Master Cylinder and Slave Cylinder (Less than 5000kms) Amber Corners (will come with factory clear lenses too) Rays CE28n 'copies', not particularly heavy and I had plans to replace them, just never got around to it Front Tyres are less than a month old Goodyear Eagle F1 Directional 4s Rear Tyres are about 40% Kuhmo KU31s OEM Timing Belt, OEM Waterpump, OEM Valve Cover Gasket done less than 5000kms ago (have receipts) Bad-points: No AC, was removed during the swap (just wind the window down :-) ) Body isn't BAD for the milage, but could do with a cut and polish. Rear bar has a slight scuff/scratch in it Rear passenger door has the remnants (most of it pulled out) of a big dent caused by some bastard who kicked in it when the car was parked on the street overnight Driver's side seat has a tear :-( Few cigarette burns here and there from previous owner $5500 - Not negotiable Also happy to chuck in some spare parts: - Genuine HKB Airbag Delete Bosskit - EG Sedan Rear Tailights - I'm sure I've got some other bits and pieces around Happy to arrange a time for people to have a look, and/or mechanical inspection for genuine buyers. Test-pilots need not apply, test drives are limited to those coming with cash. Please don't waste my time. No swaps/trades etc. please! Rego until Oct. You can contact 'Brad' on 0432 352 713 or VIA PM/Post. Thanks! (Nardi pictured isn't included)
  5. 1993 Honda Civic Vei - $5,500

    Make : HONDA CIVIC Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 130000 Price : $5,500 Condition : Used BUMP
  6. Flex Plates ?

    Where's a good place to go? A few months back I rang Grand Auto wreckers in Lonsdale for a rear control arm and they wanted $500 ??? for one bare arm? Hence I havn't bothered to ring them. Is there anyone else in Adelaide reasonable? JapaneseImportSpares.com.au
  7. Hardtuned Cruise 26/10/13

    Don't want to get defected? Don't go to a meeting point full of imports.
  8. things that annoy you

    Gangies are women who don't know their place. Drift gangies are this but have a vagina n know sweet fk all How about scene kids. Have a nice car, claim they drift but never ever get put there and give it a shot. It's all either wet skids or some f**kwit saying 'need moar skids' even though they have all the time in the world but never go track Think I know a few people that this is aimed at on the same token I hate people being confused when I tell them I don't much like drifting but I own a s14 they just expect me to do it, I just really love driving it Same situation when I had my 180.. they couldn't fathom that I preferred grip over sliding.
  9. Mallala Raceway. What a joke.

    I was under the impression that the tyre stacks were to stop the drifters from dirt dropping and creating ruts that besides posing risks themselves, allow water to seep under and compromise the foundations of the track surface. ??
  10. That's just it, a rumor. The patrol just rolled through, the GTR was already there and didn't even come from the freeway and the R34 rocked up whilst the patrol were already looking over a Land Cruiser. Both let of without defects, and no warnings given.
  11. Cops rocked up, looked over two skylines. Neither defected. Nothing big. If you drive like a numpty expect to get reamed.
  12. Heading over to Melb next week for the Grand Prix with a mate.. will have a couple of days to spare. Anything car related and cool to check out? Cheers!

    I believe they are BBS wheels, not sure what model though. Very nice car, see it around every now and again.
  14. things that annoy you

    People that don't bother to read the for sale ad, and text me with 'Swaps m8?' or 'would you take f**k all money TODAY?'. Has no one got any shame?
  15. Crash on Road to Torrens Island

    Unfortunate. My condolences to the family... Despite sound like a twat, there's only one reason you'd be headed to Torrens Island (or on the way back) in a 180sx at 1am in the morning, and it isn't fishing. Regardless, sincere condolences.
  16. Maybe I'm retarded, but i couldn't find anywhere to alert a mod Just had a quick look through the cars for sale in SA and its full of advertisements that seem to be from a certain car yard. There are so many of them that it's pushing other user ads 10 pages back, whilst the first ten are jam packed with Hyundais and VZ Commodores.. OLD CLASSIFIEDS PLS
  17. Ideas on how to improve relations?

    Also OP, your idea has also been done, not exactly the same but similar. I believe it was/is called "Off the street away from the heat" or something of similar vein. It was in the NT. Google it.
  18. Ideas on how to improve relations?

    Cops and modified cars have always been at opposite ends. My grandpa was a massive rotor head back in the 60s and 70s and tells me stories of cops rocking up and shoving metal sticks down the muffler to see if you'd knocked the baffles out. Relations are bad because you've got every man and his dog dropping a set at the traffic lights, weaving in and out of traffic and just generally doing moronic shit. Imports have also become extremely cheap and every snap-back wearing, bmx bandit has moved on from their old corolla to an S-chassis or r-chassis. Furthermore, cops don't distinguish the difference between car "cliques", for lack of a better word. To a cop a VS SS Commodore doing the world's largest stinger in front of a school is no different to seeing a 180sx or an Excel. It's all the same shit, they don't care. I'm also not so sure they really believe EVERY car they defect is unsafe. Police have revenue targets to make set by the government, and boy do we make it easy for them. As said, ADRs need to be scrapped, individual state laws NEED to be nationalised and streamlined and finally, if you really want to have a good relationship with your local constabulary, don't drive a modified car. :-)
  19. ticking sound near inlet manifold

    Probably the timing chain slapping the upper guide. Not enough oil pressure in the tensioner at idle, so it slackens the chain. Their fairly cheap and it's an easy job.
  20. Glynnsides rb24 180sx - Back to church duties

    It's illegal to drive with different diameter wheels on the same axle. Nothing wrong with wrong with running different diameters front and rear.
  21. SpotMan's Clown Car & Jzx90 daily

    Have you got stock arms for sale in that case...?
  22. Wasn't even legit MCM. No one told the cops it was on and I was very surprised they didn't rape the entire carpark...
  23. Driving track cars on permits

    Rego itself is only CTP (Compulsory Third Party), you have to take private insurance out to cover other cars regardless.