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  1. costco tyres

    I guess helium would be ideal because it is lighter than air. But they should be really filling them with nitrogen as air expands and moves around too much. Nissan GTR is one of those cars that follows that theory.
  2. It says your in ACT? Isnt it no-restrictions for P Platers as its a different state/territory?
  3. Mass defect station in bondi

    Why dont you guys just put a fake hollow cat instead to fool them?
  4. Worn key S14

    If its a ADM version cant you go to the Nissan dealership, quote your VIN number and get proof you own the car and they make it for you using a genuine key?
  5. Am i to nerd?

  6. Ive offered my autograph on the dashboard for $100 (all money goes to charity)
  7. Haha what my plans are, theres already a few out there Im tempted to get but we shall see I just couldnt be bothered with a shell these days. It was more of an attitute of "when will this end?" than "this is fun and I want to continue". At first it was all exciting but now it was just a chore. It was an adventure I purely enjoyed and I learnt alot about mechanicals of this car from top to bottom. In reality it was a happy ending afterall which Im good with that. This will always be my favourite S13 ill ever own due to its story and history
  8. Thanks guys, Hopefully once we settle down in the coming months and our financial situation gets better I can regain the search for another S13. But for now, S13-084717 has to go. Much love to my supporters and haters, couldnt have done it without you.
  9. I deleted, Im selling the car so theres no point to it anyway. Entertainment can be found else where
  10. We're renting now, and weve rented all our lives and now for the 6th time in my life, we are moving cause the owner is selling the house. My mum is getting to an age where she just needs to settle down and not move around everything. Me and my 2 brothers (my dad left us ages ago) are trying to buy my Mum a house so she can own herself. Im throwing all my money into it and so are my brothers. Please keep negative comments to yourselves, or PM me if you have something to say.
  11. Nope, we are buying a house so all my moneys going into that even my savings. So I thought even if I dont sell Ill have a unfinished project on my hands. No savings = no funds for car. Really wish I would of kept it but family always comes first. Will always love that car Strong detective skills shzaam13
  12. s13 N/A ?

    For your examples... yes.
  13. Question for the N/A Boys

    No point. Rather get a S13 SR20DE. I know its not VCT or anything but its not worth a N/A S14 to have a price tag like that. Id pay $5000 for a Series 1 and $6500 for a Series 2.
  14. Part number for s14 shifter bushings? everything required to fix a sloppy shifter