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  1. nice updates since i looked last year man. keep up the good work.
  2. Price : $350 Condition : Used **SOLD PENDING PAYMENT/PICKUP** Hi all. I have some stock S15 wheel with rubber in storage I've decided to sell. Pretty sure rubber is about 85-90% but will double check if any interest. Pretty sure there is a pair of Nexen and a pair of either Bridgestone of Goodyear, both 205/55R16. I will take photos if the interest is there. Chasing $350 plus postage. Tim
  3. FS: 2000 S15 Autech - $16,500

    Make : Transmission : Kilometres : 0 Price : $16,500 Condition : Used SOLD
  4. S15 Autech Market

  5. S15 Autech Market

    I'm finding that I sit in the middle of the market pricing. Is there much interest in Autechs anymore these days?
  6. S15 Autech Market

    Hi guys, I did a couple of quick searches and couldn't find anything quite like this (it may have been a while ago if there is). Anyway, I'm just wondering peoples opinions on the current market of S15 Autech's. I am trying to sell mine as I have now got 2 cars and don't really have the room and could use the money elsewhere. Here is the current carsales add for my car >> link I also have it posted on here at a cheaper price >> link I have had it on the market for a few months now, and had a high price on the it to begin with as I wasn't quite ready to sell and wanted to start advertising. I think the price on it now is reasonable, and I am still a little negotiable, but I have had nothing but low ball offers with the best being about 17k, and them not showing anyway. Can you guys give me some feedback please. Am I asking too much? Thanks guys, Tim
  7. My 99 WRX

    nice wrx man. very clean
  8. S15 292rwkw, GT3076r

    This is such a clean ride. Has the new owner made many drastic changes that anyone is aware of?
  9. 1200 Ute

    can't wait to see more on this, looks mint on the xd9's
  10. Tuff s15 ( DKS15 )

    so clean. nice car!
  11. s15 LS1 turbo street, track, whatever

    can't wait to see this thing on the road
  12. Park It Hard! A shitbox skyline rebuild

    great thread. quite like the stickerbombed interior parts.
  13. My 1999 S15

    wow you certainly changed this. great car, can't wait to see what happens next
  14. 2000 jdm s15 silvia

    nice car mate. hopefully you don't lose your license in the mean time