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  1. +1 for caribbean gardens you wouldn't be able to do albert park on that date due to the F1 being held and the track probably won't be packed up by april
  2. R35 GTR Hoon - impounded

    he deserves it speeding through roadworks !? how retarded can you possibly get !?
  3. maybe they had themselves " a situation "
  4. SR20DE Rough idle

    Devils13 - plugs where re-gapped ... the car runs a dizzy ... BP 98 bud MILK-13 - will test that when i get the chance
  5. SR20DE Rough idle

    Cleaned AFM ... no difference yet to do timing it's like it starves, especially when its cold, started it up after work, let it idle for a minute ( no issues ) then slowly took off from the car park and anything under 2,000rpm its like im bunny hoping for a second, i think its fuel related most likely, not as bad when its warm but when you go to punch it, it chugs for a second then picks up and goes, no issues at at all with the the car stationary
  6. SR20DE Rough idle

    awesome, i've got one in the car
  7. SR20DE Rough idle

    cheers dude, yer there are, they where jap built but australian delivered, so still ADM lol any pointers on checking timing ?
  8. Hey guys ! Bought a N14 SSS pulsar ( jap spec ) the other day ... clean honest car, was rapt with the purchase ! idle was slightly rough when i picked it up and found out the plugs where fouled pretty bad, changed plugs and leads yesterday and the idle was heaps better ! driving today the car went to die after a sudden halt or slowing down to a red light, at idle it sits around the 800rpm mark with a slight roughness in the idle, i know thge battery is on its way out to as its worse at night with the lights on. im thinking timing ... possibly something else ? ... oil is fine, fuel filter & panel filter have been changed to cheers
  9. bad meets evil

    got the album last night love every song, his back to his old self !
  10. What headphone do you use?

    They look cool, but the Skull Candy headphones I've heard sound so shit. Couldn't even compare them to my $30 creative in-ear phones lol yer there are quite a few mixed reviews lol ... i bought them for riding when i bought my bmx and the guy that sold them to me said the actual skull candy warranty was if i could break them / distort them / etc ( in normal use not abusive or meant purposeful damage ) that they where that content on the product that my next set of skull candys would be half price ... had them for 6 months and beats going through 4 /5 sets of iphone headphones for my ipod haha
  11. What headphone do you use?

    skull candy headphones ... best headphones and bang for buck !
  12. QLD Ralliart COLT

    my missus has a 2008 Rcolt ... awesome little thing just got it tuned recently and its making 121.5kw at the wheels ... needs a few little other bit and pieces ( front mount, rest of the exhaust done etc ) would love to know your setup !
  13. Fuel cut issue ?!

    Car was sold because i'm moving onto bigger things in life, own place etc ... i'll get another SR rocket again later on ... Want a S14a next time
  14. Fuel cut issue ?!

    Cheers man was going to do that this weekend but i sold the car lol, so no need now, it is running a walbro 255 from what i know, i thought 9psi was stock ? guess i got shit talked into it being stock ey >.