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  1. Rota Wheels - Interesting read inside!

    Can someone else argue with this child now and make him feel better about himself while he sits in his garage jerking off over his genuine wheels and dented panels. I have to go live my life
  2. Rota Wheels - Interesting read inside!

    I'm not jumping on the Rota side dickehead, simply saying that anything will break if you put it to enough stress and If you can't afford to replace it ( whether it be cheap or expensive) then cars probably ain't for you. This is a whole thread about people whining. Sorry for pointing that out.
  3. Rota Wheels - Interesting read inside!

    Yeh I realize this, i wasnt born yesterday. I've broken 2 stitch rims, cracked an advan trispoke and damaged a couple Rotas from several different things from potholes to hitting the ripple strips at archerfield. I don't whinge about it though. That's cars, shit breaks. If people wanna cry cos they broke a wheel when they hit a gutter (I only said gutter because it was the most common cause) dodge the gutters or find a new hobby if you can't afford to replace it
  4. Rota Wheels - Interesting read inside!

    Good on ya stewy... My car saw the track often and plenty of streeting, just saying... Hit less gutters= break less wheels. Brb- goin to write off my r32 so nisskid will approve of me.
  5. Rota Wheels - Interesting read inside!

    Has anybody tried driving their car and not hitting anything? Keeps my wheels in one piece.
  6. 55INN- Rb powered beater.

    Yeh well see what happens. I sold this to pay off a loan and I'm selling my motorbike and hilux aswell in the next few weeks. Trying to simplify my life a little bit while I change careers and sort some other things out. I will go crazy if I don't have something to tinker with so I need a shell soon. Next build will be something much more competitive now that I know I can actually steer ok! I wouldn't mind putting A rb25 into a 350z as a track car. Seen a few cheap flood write offs in the last few months... See what comes up at the right price
  7. 55INN- Rb powered beater.

    Sorry to report but I sold this car my trailer and all drift car related stuff last week. Still trying to decide what to do now, not sure what to build. No doubt I'll sort a new shell soon.
  8. Pm me a price dude. Looking to re shell my rb and z32 box. Shame to see it get stripped again. Unless I buy it of course..
  9. UNC's option aero s13 & S12

    Cheers for the passenger ride on Wednesday man! Goes alright for an sr
  10. 55INN- Rb powered beater.

    A little bit off topic but my housemates and I have aquired a few drift trikes and have been killing time between drift days sliding them. Cheap thrills! Made a quick video tonight with my mate. First time i've tried to edit any footage into a video. Here's the result
  11. S15 v2 - Now going SR20VET!

    I miss my old s15.. Had to buy another one.. For a week.
  12. 55INN- Rb powered beater.

    So I went to a mates house this evening to sort through some photos of the QR arvo session from March 8. Enjoy guys and let us know what you think. This was Hilarie's first time shooting drifting/ cars also and with a brand new camera. I think she didnt pretty well This was very upsetting to watch.. A very real reminder of the dangers of motorsport!
  13. 55INN- Rb powered beater.

    Also, My mate filmed this inside my car at Archerfield drift Sunday Funday a few weeks back. Filmed on iphone by hand but still not too bad. By the end of the day I was getting nice and close to the clipping points. Awesome day out Enjoy.
  14. 55INN- Rb powered beater.

    Got the day off so im playing around with this- Front bar and rear bar fitted awesome with only minor work required. Skirts need a little bit of cutting and fiddling around to fit. Pretty happy with the quality of this kit from Empire Aero. Even though it needed minor work (if your handy and switched on nothing you couldnt do yourself) it's pretty dam good value considering the price he sells them for. If anybody needs a kit hit them up on facebook! Also spent a couple hours this morning painting my less powerful drifter-
  15. Box frame silvia - now with cage!

    Glad my wheels went to such an insane project Very cool project Petey. Wish i had more time and skills at hand!